Monday, September 26, 2011

Kwentong Barbero

When I get extremely sad and frustrated, the first thing I want to do is go to the salon and get a haircut.  Maybe because it's my way of (figuratively) cutting the bad omen that's happening in my life. There were a few times where I had my hair cut just for the sake of.  But most of the time, it was because I was going through a bad phase and I felt like I wanted to cut the bad streak.

I had my hair chopped off last year. I was going through some shitty times and I want to start anew.  So what better way to do it than to start with a new look, right?

So here I was Christmas of last year with my short hair.  To me, a haircut is more than just a haircut.  It is my way of cutting ties with the bad things that's holding me down.  It is my way of disconnecting.  It is my way of starting anew.  Of seeing things in a different light.  It is my way of starting fresh.

I learned to focus on the things that truly matter. I reconnected with people who really care. I focused on my work. I focused on my family.  And everything feels lighter and better now.

I was brushing my hair in front of the mirror the other day and it just dawned on me how long my hair is now compared to what it was 9 months ago.  I feel blessed that life hasn't given me reasons to cut my hair anew. Hehehe.

I wish you all a happy week ahead!

The Unpure One,



Leo said...

Overflowing with positive vibes. I like!

Charles said...

hehe parang samson lang ang rationale. pero magandang perspective yan. it makes your principles very real. so real that you can hold it and brush your fingers through it.