Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Peeping Tom

Who is Tom? And why is he so popular? Hahaha. So what does this slang term mean and where did it originate?

Peeping Tom is a nickname commonly given to voyeurs, particularly males. It originated with the, in the legend of Lady Godiva, when a man named Tom watched her during her nude ride and was struck blind or dead. [wikipedia]

People who personally know me knows how long it takes for me to finish a meal.  Super lakas ko kumaen pero super bagallllllll. I love taking mini-breaks in between. I don't do it deliberately but it's just how I am. I like to relish my dining experience -  whether it be in a nice restaurant, a yummy fastfood joint or my favorite turo-turo. Hehehe. 

I was an hour early for a lunch meet-up with a friend. We agreed to meet in The Fort. I was super hungry the moment I got there but since we were planning to have lunch together, I just decided to eat something light. Pampalipas-gutom muna while waiting. So I ordered burger and fries in Burger Avenue.

I was scanning the area, looking for familiar faces and when I looked up I realized that there's a Fitness First on the 2nd floor. And what's even better was I can see right through the glass of people who were working out.

I got fixated on this guy and before I knew it, ubos ko na pala ang burger ko! Hahahahahaha! I think naubos ko sya in 7minutes! World record!!!!! 

*** After 7 minutes ***

Nagutom kase ko bigla sa nakita ko, hahahahahaha! 

Does that make me a Peeping Tom? What you guys think?

If John Doe has a female equivalent in the form of Jane Doe, what is it for Peeping Tom?

Sirit na?

Peeping Pepe! :) Hehehehe! Yes, that's what I am.

The Crazy Peeping Girl,



MG said...

edi ikaw na, hahahahaha. peeping pepe.. patingin nga. nyahahah

Leo said...

Hahaha! Kaloka ang PeepingPepe! :)

Nimmy said...

Iba ka teh! Iba ka! :)

karl said...

multi-tasker ka pala LOL both your eyes and lips were working overtime

MgaEpal.com said...

Hindi naman siguro peeping tom dahil naka glance ka lang pataas. Glancing tom lang. Or in your case, glancing pepe.

Napadaan lang. Salamat sa patambay.