Thursday, September 15, 2011


I believe in miracles! 

And when I say miracles, I'm not referring to the life-changing, look-ma-i-can-walk-now or WTF-i-dont-have-cancer-anymore-allelujah kind! Hehehehe. I believe in small, everyday miracles that happen to each of us.

Sometimes we refer to it as luck.

Sometimes we call it right timing.

I choose to believe that a miracle happened (to me) today.

I'm going through a very interesting phase.  I'm in the process of growing and learning and reinventing. I'm trying to carve out my niche. So anyway, today's a very big day for me.

And just when I thought that I was already kicking-ass, something happened! Something stupid happened. And it was all my fault!!!!!!

I have been trusted to take that one big shot and I missed!

Parang gusto ko sampalin yung sarili ko kase ang tanga ko! *major face-palm moment*

I prayed. And in my prayer, I told Him "Lord, I just want you to know na gustong-gusto ko tong something na to. Kung para po sya saken, please give it to me. Kung hindi naman, I would understand."

Syempre sinabe ko talaga sa kanya na gustong-gusto ko talaga yun para ma-pressure sya! Hahahaha! Joke lang Lord. :)

I was already half-accepting a negative turn-out. I was already thinking of buying a big bottle of Red Horse and ten packs of Boy Bawang! Hahahahaha! Or if they don't have beers in stock, bibili nalang ako ng blade at kalamansi! Hahahahahahaha!

Red Horse - Chocolate Flavor.

Kumabaga sa relasyon, andun nako sa process of "Acceptance", hahaha! Ambilis. LOL.



I just received a good news awhile ago.

Mukhang natuwa naman sila sa katangahan ko. :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! In other words, I'm off to my next adventure.

And it's going to happen this Monday. It's really something major and I'm glad that they're giving me this weekend to prepare.

Thank you, Lord!

So this weekend, goodbye muna ang lakwatsa! Goodbye muna ang DVD marathon! Goodbye muna ang kaartehan! Goodbye muna ang lahat-lahat! Kelangan kong mag-aral ng mabuti at mag-focus.

I couldn't afford to make another mistake this Monday. This is a make-or-break.

Pray for me ha? :) Para lalong ma-pressure si Lord, hahahahaha!

Abot-tenga yung ngiti ko now. Parang ganito. =)))))

Hope you all get your dose of miracle today!!!!!!!

The Unpure One,



Leo said...

Yey! God is good. He'll give the desire of your heart. :)

kikilabotz said...

naks naman, mabuti naman at masaya ka. hehe

Sean said...

good luck k. will pray for you, but whatever it is, i know you'll do well.

glentot said...

Di mo naman knwento kung ano yung saktong nangyari pero sige go. may miracle din na nangyari sa akin recently.