Monday, September 19, 2011

The Raket Diaries: Cafe Puccini

Have you guys seen Cars 2 yet? If you still haven't, make it your number 1 mission this coming weekend! Disney Pixar didn't disappoint. I don't like watching animated films, especially when it's in 3D because I get a mild headache after. (Probinsyana kase ko, ndi sanay sa 3D glasses, lol.) But because it's from Disney, and it's Cars, I don't mind getting a little buzz-ed.

A couple of weekends back, I hosted a party in Cafe Puccini in the Fort.  It was the birthday of this cute little boy named Samou. The whole cafe was closed to give way to his birthday party and because they were Japanese, they just want to downplay the decorations. They just asked for yellow and white balloons to be placed in each table. Simple but cute.

 They prepared Cars-themed prizes and loot bags for the kids. 

The kids were too cute! They were mostly Japanese so it's a good thing that I speak Japanese Ingrish. Hahahahaha!

I am resting from my hosting rakets for awhile because sometimes I do back-to-back parties on weekends, wala nang time para mag rest. Baka mamatay ako ng maaga, ahahahaha! But I miss it. I miss seeing the smile on the kid's faces. I miss playing with them. Withdrawal syndrome ata tawag nila dito. Or sign of aging? Hehehe!

Happy Monday people! 

The Unpure One,


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kay said...

Yun! You gave me an idea on where I should go next. Thanks!