Saturday, September 24, 2011


I took a day off from work yesterday.  Ran a few errands and then spent the afternoon bonding with my parents. Did a bit of shopping for my mom too. Grabe, ang mahal ng shoes nya. Parang ndi muna ko kakaen ng 4 months. Hahahaha. Pero okay lang, priceless naman yung saya nya. :)

And then I spent the evening bonding with a friend.  We had a good massage. Sarap! I slept during the rub-down and when I woke up, I felt rejuvenated. Yey!

After the massage, my friend and I had dinner somewhere in Quezon City. I was wearing blue maong shorts and a blue shirt yesterday and to my surprise, the waitresses in the restaurant were also wearing the same thing. HAHAHAHAHA!


Have a great weekend everyone! 

The Unpure One,


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