Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Got a Friend

Today I've been witness to how cruel love can be. How it drives people to become manipulative and self-serving. Today I've seen how love can break hearts.

Today, God gave me the opportunity to become a good friend to someone. To be a shoulder to cry on. To be able to talk about love, pain, and moving on. 

Today, I was given the opportunity to reverse the role. To be the comforter. To be the advise-giver. To appease and assure that everything will work out just fine.

Today, God gave me the opportunity to pay it forward. He gave me this opportunity to return back the favor for all of the moving and heart-warming gestures that have been extended to me when I was down and out.

You will find your way out of this rough patch, my friend.

I should know. Been there, done that.

Let's try to do random acts of kindness everyday! Have a great week everyone! Mwah x

The Unpure One,



Sean said...

isn't it nice to be on the giving end. hugs to your friend.

Mai Yang said...