Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walang Labada si Inday

I've been praying for a quiet and relaxing weekend for quite sometime now but rest has become very elusive. School, work and back to back hosting rakets have eaten so much of my weekends. But today, God has finally given me a free dayyyyyy!!!!!! Yeheyyyyyyyyy! One whole day where I can just stay home, wear my ratty pambahay and just stay in bed.

I started my day early because I'm so excited to do nothing for one whole day! Hahahahaha! I had dumplings, lumpia and rice for breakfast. IN BED! While alternately watching recent episodes of Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Modern Family and BBC docus. 

A friend called me earlier today asking if I want to go out but I declined because free days like this are so hard to come by so I have to make it worth while. Hehehehhehehe! I. WILL. JUST. STAY. IN. BED. THE. WHOLE. DAY. Ang saya sabihin paulit ulit. Hahahahahaha!

I bought a whole roll of cake, lots of chips and cookies and I'm planning to finish them all IN BED. Hehehe! Ang sarap ulit-ulitin pramis. :) While most of my friends long for a weekend at the beach, or out in the malls, ako satisfied nako to be given one whole day to just stay in and do whatever! Life's simple pleasures. =)

I have a birthday party to host tomorrow at the Fort so i'll make the most out of my free day today! Yeyyyy!

I hope you guys get a dose of relaxation as well! Mwah! Have to cut this short because MY BED IS WAITING FOR ME! Yehey! Hahahahahaha.

The Unpure Happy Girl,



Diamond R said...

Una natuwa ako sa itsura ng pusa.Yan ang carefree. At nakarelate ako doon sa paulit ulit mong sinasabi. Kasi enjoy to the max ko rin yan meron talagang mga ganon kaya wlang kokontra.

khantotantra said...

gusto ko din matry yung ganyang na sa bed lang..... tambay and petiks :D