Monday, October 18, 2010


You came at a time when I wasn't looking for someone,
I was happpy being alone,
I was happy doing things on my own,
I was happy being me.

Just when I already accepted the fact
that I am going to live my life alone,
you came.

You came and my whole world changed.

You brought the smile back on my face.
You brought sunshine.
You brought hope.

And most important of all,
You brought you.
You brought you and your love.
You brought you and your heart.
You brought everything that is wonderful.

You came and changed the status quo.

Just when I thought I was happy being alone,
You came.
And you made my life even better.
So please don't go anywhere.

I love you. :)


Yes, Mushy Monday it is! Hahahaha! Love, love, love! Happy Week ahead!

The Unpure One,


[Photo Credit : here]