Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Tales : GAYUMA NI MARIA

I was having a rough day yesterday. I had a stressful week at work and things in the personal front were a bit shaky yesterday. I didn't have dinner the night before and I skipped breakfast yesterday so you can just imagine how hungry I was come lunchtime.

I was in a foul mood and you know how good food can alter your mood, right? And that's when I decided that I wanted to try out GAYUMA NI MARIA. I've heard good reviews about the place. They were originally located in Xavierville but after it got burned down, they moved to a new location near UP Village.

So I hauled my ass over to Maginhawa street. I texted the owner before I went there and she was accomodating enough to give me directions (plus chow points in my book, hehe). I asked if I needed to make reservations prior to going there and she told me that they have enough tables that day to accomodate my lonesome, sexy self. LOL!

This is what will greet you --

And a painting of this boy

And you will also see what's on today's menu --

Menu for the day - Country Side Fling and Size Doesn't Matter... (say what?!?! Haha)

I like going to places that are not too commercialized. I'm a simple girl and I like going to places that doesn't have too much pizzaz. There's beauty in simplicity and Gayuma ni Maria is so much like that. I like that they don't have big, fancy interiors. And it's cute that they have mismatched chairs. It's cute and quirky.

Simple, dainty interiors ala-bread and breakfast... Hehe!

Aside from food, they also sell coffee beans and sex toys! Haha! I like! :)

Okay enough about the interiors, I didn't go there just for that. Haha! Let's get down to business. I ordered appetizer first and because me and the bf started eating healthy for the past two weeks, I can't get myself to order pork or beef. Hehe. Baet ko no? I ordered fish instead.

Kala Ni Mare - P 120
GAYUMATIZED Calamares with jellied littuco (rattan) fruit

I didn't wait that long for the appetizer to arrive. It was served hot and crispy, just the way I liketttt! Aprub! :) They could've just improved the sauce a little bit. It's too sweet for my taste so they could've opted for a sauce with a slightly salty and sour punch. But over all, the calamares was malambot. Purrrfect! Haha!

And then came the main dish. The one I originally ordered wasn't available that day so I ordered the next striking dish in the menu - it's called Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back! Cute name for a dish, right? Very catchy!

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back - P 225
Cocoa-crusted Cream dory with Chocolate Sauce - you'll never want to eat fish any other way

Because I wasn't feeling particularly jovial and adventuruous that day, I didn't enjoy this dish so much. I didn't feel like chocolate sauce should go with the cream dory. It just doesn't jive! So much like your little sister shouldn't go out with your older brother's barkada. Ganung feeling. It's just taboo! Noooooo! Hahahaha!

The fish was moist and tender and the rice also smelled good. Yes, I am very particular with my rice. I love rice (more than anything that's important in this world. Hahahaha!). I think I would've enjoyed this dish had I not come there in my gloomy, f*cked up mood. If I can only talk to the dish, I'd prolly say "It's not you, it's me". Hahahaha! Relasyon lang. LOL.

Now let's talk about dessert. I asked for the menu again to check for sweet treats and I was caught off guard by the name of their famous dessert - BEATS SEX ANYDAY! Wow. So this dessert is better than sex? What? How? Why? It cannot be!!!!! I had all these questions running through my head, I just have to try it.

Beats Sex Anyday - P 75
Rich chocolate cake mercilessly topped with butterscotch, cream and chocolate bits

Did I feel like it lived up to its name? Hmmmmm. Welllllll... Uhmmmmm... It's hard to decide. Hahahahaha! But one thing's definitely fo' sure, this one is BEST WITH SEX! Hahahahahaha! :)

I make good food reviews, yes? Funny and at the same time informative right? Right? Right? Okay, good. Not your usual kind of boring, in your face reviews, diba? Hahaha. Kapal.

Here's a couple of more shots of the resto -

You can eat in the counter. Parang bahay lang talaga. Cute!

This door will lead you to the second floor

The next time I come back, I would want to sit in this area sa 2nd floor.
I wana have dinner while sitting on the banig and Moonriver's playing in the background!
So cheezyyyyy I likettttt!

Restroom's biggg and clean. Plus points for me. And they have tissue paper! Yeyyy! Hahaha!

I will definitely go back to GAYUMA Ni Maria. We have a lot of unsettled issues. Haha!  I will go back when I'm in a good mood so I won't have to take up all my angst on their dishes. :)

You should try this out too! Be bewitchingly captivated at GAYUMA Ni Maria.


GAYUMA Ni Maria is located at 123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa St.) Sikatuna Village, QC
Hours : 10am to 11pm Mon-Sat and 10am to 10pm Sun
Contact : 0921-6818989
DIRECTION for DUMMIES : (Hahahahaah!)

From Edsa, turn right on Kamias then left on Anonas (Jollibee). Turn right on V.Luna Extension (first corner). GAYUMA ni Maria will come up on your left after Sr. Pedro Lechon Manok.

From C5, take the Katipunan route then turn left on C.P. Garcia (across Dela Strada) then turn left at the intersection leading to Maginhawa St. (Krus na Ligas). On Maginhawa, turn left. GAYUMA ni Maria will come up on your right side after Bayantel.


It's Monday again! Have a great start of the week! Spread the love! :)

The Unpure One,



memoirsofafallenangel said...

is this a hotel or something? the place looks nice. =)

khantotantra said...

ang ganda ng place. nyhahah, natawa ako at may benthan ng sex toy... so creative.

mukang ansarap ng dessert... nakakapag-laway

glentot said...

Did you say sex toys? May fleshlight? Hahaha?

Traveliztera said...

hahaha kagutom ung food!!!
napakagirly naman ng place hahaha! (compliment yan haha!)

at teka... kapag hindi ba okay ang restroom, hindi na papasa itong place na toh sayo? hahahhaha natawa lang ako bigla dun sa restroom part hahahahhhaah!

gesmunds said...

wow! naku kung malapit lang ako jan pupuntahan ku din yan! i like the concept.. ang creative!
curious pa ko sa mga food names haha!
naks! oo na, magaling ka na sa food reviews! not boring, really.. haha!
keep it up! :)

The Philippine Guild said...

dory with choco sauce?! whoa. at kakaiba ang drama ng mga bato sa restroom hehe

kayedee said...

i like! so cool :))
ang totoo wana koment sana dun sa koment off but since off xa ill koment here :))
jaz wna say na gnda ng msg :)
so real so inlove :))
ayieee :))

Anonymous said...

Hmm... malambot yung Calamares...

The chef's a genius! They boiled the Squid before dipping it then deep frying at low temperatures.

Marjorie said...

i've been wanting to go to this place for quite some time now. thanks for the review and the nice pictures, i will surely make the trip soon :)