Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friends for Life

I am the type of person who puts a premium on relationships - relationship with family, friends and of course,  romantic connections.

The friends that I have made when I was still in Kinder and Elementary are still my friends till now. We meet from time to time to catch up on what's new with our lives.  Most of them have families of their own, while there are still a handful of us who are enjoying our single-blessedness. Hehehe!

I met up with my elementary friends last Friday at Tides. The place was packed with teenage kids! Ugh! Ang ingay at ang init! Maybe I'm getting really old because nowadays, I prefer going to places  na hindi masyado maingay at matao.

I was looking at my old album when I chanced upon this photo. I think we were still in Grade 3 when this picture was taken. Hahaha! Classic diba?

Now look at our picture last Friday. Ang lalaki na namen! Kakaaliw! :)

We were the cool, nerdy kids when we were still young. And now we've all turned out to be cigarette-hogging, alcohol-loving people! Bwahahahahaha! Oh, how time flies.

The Unpure One,



Khantotantra2 said...

anlaki ng changes pero atlist, the same bond remains. :)

MG said...

hahaha natutuwa ako sa itsura mo nung bata ka pa. hahaha.

Jag said...


Anonymous said...

what a sweet, heartwarming post about friends from childhood! i hope, just maybe, i might be privileged to be your friend for life too.

ps 1: i love you! :-)

ps 2: no need to post this comment.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what i call "CUTE!"

Anyway, napadaan lang po. XD

Anonymous said...


Somebody loves you, and always will.

Even if he may no longer have a place in your heart, he will always care.

Wants you always to be happy, to be well.

That's me. :-)