Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just when I told myself that I'll update my blog more often, my laptop crashed. Good timing diba! It's still in the service center getting an overhaul. And the guy from Electroworld said that it might take 3 weeks before I can get it back.

I'm using this tablet thingy to do this update and I'm slowly losing my patience. Ang hirap magtype pag touchscreen :(

The laptop needed to be reformatted so I need to say goodbye to all my recent pictures. Sigh. I should've saved them to an external harddrive. Hay. And all my TV series downloads are there too! Sayang.

MORAL LESSON: (Wag magdownload ng porn para di mavirus) Always back up your important files.


Don Dee said...

I know where to download virus-free porn. Lol. Seriously.

an_indecent_mind said...

hahahaha!! tama! iwasan ang pagDL ng porn kung ayaw mo mavirus, better yet manghingi na lang ng copy!

pwedeng penge? wink! wink!

Golfers.golfer said...

Email all your important files to yourself and label them properly. That way, you can access it anywhere in the world.

Jag said...

Agree sa moral lesson hahaha! Ayos sa pamatay pose na header hehehe...Love it!

MG said...

hahahaha, eh kasi akitin mo yung technician. gamitan mo ng alindog. hahahaha... yebah.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi. musta na? - ed

Anonymous said...

shucks sayang naman... :/

SpiderHam said...

have you asked the tech guy if the files can be retrieved before formatting the HD?
sometimes these tech guys just tell you to format to save them time and effort.

-=K=- said...

Double D - hehe. Was just kidding. I dont download porn, ano ka ba! :) I just watch it thru video streaming. Hehehe!

AIM - sa Quiapo madaming DVD! Pano ko alam? Uhmmm. Nakwento lang saken!

Golfers - yeah will do that, thanks! Learned my lesson well. Sayang talaga yung pics.

JAG - hahaha! Yung header talaga yung napansin, tsk!

MG - naku, ang alindog ko ay ndi pang technician. LOL.

ED - im good. Hope you are too.

Cuttingedgewato - sayang talaga! Sayang yung mga torrent downloads ko! =(

Spidey - yeah I think tinatamad lang talaga sila. Pero ndi nako nakipag argue. Sabe ko ireformat nalang nila.