Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bridal Shower

I organized a bridal shower for a friend. It was a semi-surprise party. Why semi-surprise? Because they knew that a bridal shower was going to happen but they didnt know where it would be held. Hehe. Sneaky, right? :)

I asked all the girls to meet-up in Metrowalk by 8pm and when most of the guests were already there, I told them to go to our party venue - Victoria Court in Pasig! Hehehe.  I booked the "Matrix"-themed room and I ordered a food package for 10 people. 

I also bought cake and lollipops for the bridal shower. Here are some of the "facebook-friendly" pics from last night. The other pictures are for our eyes only, hahaha.

Condoms, Banana and Lots of Ahermmmm.... Props for our Bridal Shower games :)

"Walang babaeng pangit, sa t*t*ing galit.... Hahahahaha!"

Matrix meets Transformers = Futuristic Loveseat! =)

It was a fun night! Makes me wana try their other themed rooms too! 

How's your week going so far?

The Unpure One,



Nimmy said...

Ano mga flavors nung lollipop ateh? Ahihihi

Heff said...

So, who was the pizza delivery man? :-)