Sunday, December 4, 2011


I am a rice-lover. I eat rice with anything!  If rice were a man, I'd ask him to marry me. Twice. LOL. I bet we'd make a great pair!

When I'm out on dates and they ask where I want to eat, my staple answer is "Anywhere where there's plenty of rice!". HAHAHAHA. I used to consume 2-3cups of rice per meal.  But since I am not getting any younger, I decided to cut it down to one.

And since November, I switched to brown rice. They say it's healthier. I don't know if it's true pero wala lang, gusto ko lang maki-uso. Haha.

Pero enough of all this health shit because last night I had rice + wagyu + bacon for dinner! Now I know how an orgasm feels like! *insert evil laugh*

Do you guys have any new foodie finds that are sinfully delish? Please share them with me so I can try.  

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...

ako lahat ng foood.... temptation. nagkakasala ako.... hahaha

kay said...

Petra and Pilar at the back of makati med, near Hawkers 101 ... X046 sa may valero ... Buffet 101 sa MOA

kainggit ka ... ang payat mo! :)

Coleman said...

Been on brown rice for a few years now. Trying out white rice from time to time makes me realize that there's a reason they are polishing it. White rice tastes soooo good!