Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our family do not spend Christmas on the 25th.  My dad's birthday is on the 26th so it has been a family tradition to do a double-celebration every December 26th. Practical diba? :) Hehehe.  So last Christmas eve, I was just at home, munching on nothing but Kitkat and Peanut butter.  Sweet way to welcome Christmas right?

Here are some pictures from our family bonding during our post-Christmas-slash-Dad's-birthday-celebration.

It's really a good feeling to be with family on the most joyous occasion of the year!  Same feeling I get when I sip a cup of hot Swiss Miss (with lots of marsh mallows) on a rainy day.  Pure LOVE.

So, how was your Christmas? :) Did you get a gift from Santa? :p

The Unpure One,



Sendo said...

kami rin...double celebration..pero sa 25 kami nagcecelebrate..mas masaya un...together ang pamily at mga apo ng lola ko sa tuhod

Coleman said...

psst.. post na.

glentot said...

I got a really good Christmas gift this year. Hindi kayang ibalot ng Christmas wrapper...