Monday, February 13, 2012

Ang Hot Air Balloon Festival (Na Walang Hot Air Balloon!)

A couple of weeks back, my friend mentioned that there was going to be a Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark.  She wanted us to go along with the rest of our other gal pals.  We all said yes and we even checked the schedule of activities online so we can be there early.  

We planned to start the day veryyyyy early since the balloon take-off will be at 5:30AM.  But of course, since we were turtle-slow, the original time of 3AM was moved to 4:30AM!!!!! So that gives us an hour to get to Clark from Fairview! WTF? So anyway, off we went to NLEX to try and see if we can still make it in time for the hot air balloon exhibition.

We didn't stop for breakfast because we do not want to be late. LOL. It was a good thing that my friend brought junk food. It was our saving grace.

The drive was good until we reached Clark! It was bumper to bumper traffic!!!!!! It was already close to 6AM and the balloons already took off! We would not be able to see it up close if we stay in the car and wait for the traffic to subside.

So what's the next best thing than be stuck in this madness? Get out of the car and take pictures of what's left of the hot air balloons! Hahahahahaha! 

Me and my bestfriend! :)

We took pictures right outside the fence because there was a long line in the entrance!!! Baka by the time na makapasok na kame, wala nang hangin ang mga lobo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! So inavail na namen ang picture picture!

By the time that we were able to get a good parking space and were able to go inside the exhibition area, wala na yung mga hot air balloons! LOL! :)) Buti nalang may mga ibat iba pang kaganapan doon. Hehe. So pwede na din. Hehe. And oh, I forgot to mention... it was soooooo hotttt! Had I known that it would be super hot that day, I would've lathered sunblock all over. Hay, grabe ang init, pramis!
Ang init init init!!!! Kung alam ko lang na ganito kainit, sana nag 2pc nalang ako! LOL.

Sabe ko sa Coast Guard umarte sya na parang sinasaktan nya ko. Aba, feel na feel masyado ni Kuya! :p

Ayan, best in bukaka ako. Ang init kase eh. Hehehehe!

The Retards. 

It's a very gloomy Monday... overcast sky + cold air makes up for bed weather!!!!!! I'll go back and sleep some more. I will continue my blogpost tomorrow. Hehe.

Have a great Mondayyyyyy everyone! Keep your dispositions sunny despite the weather! :)

Mwah mwah!

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...

di ko alam kung nasend ko yung comment kasi nagrestart yung pc ng kusa.

happy vday miss k. :D

hehehehe, dapats nag 2 piece ka kasi mainits. lols.

si kuya, todo pose sa pic :p

Leo said...

In fairness, nagkakalaman ka na khacai! Nakakakain ka na siguro ng tatlong beses isang araw! Hahaha. Charot.

At kasama mo pa si Mai! Namiss ko ang LaLuz get away natin last year. Sana maulit pa yun. :)