Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm turning into an old, boring spinster.


I don't have a social life.  I hardly have time to check my Facebook and Yahoo! accounts. And most of my time is being consumed by work, work and nothing but work.

Weekends are spent just lounging around at home, either watching DVDs or reading a good book or just dozing off.

It's been a very busy 2012 but I don't mind.  I know that the dust will eventually settle and I'll be back to my old fun and quirky self in no time! :) Hehe. (with enough time on my hands to go out and enjoy)

So anyway, we had a 2-days summit in Baguio last weekend. As expected, it's not really for pure R&R. It's actually work. Hahahah. Yeah I know. I'm turning into an old, boring workaholic. LOL.

But we managed to find time to go out last Saturday night.  I went out with my officemates and we drank and danced and shisha-ed the night away! Hahaha. Like what they always say, work hard - party harder! LOL.

It was a very cold night but since I really do not own anything long and thick to cover my hot bod from the 15-degrees-C windy night, I just opted to wear a dress and a jacket! Hahahaha. Good luck naman sa lameg. Tiis-ganda at its best. When we got to Nevada Square, we were shocked because most of the women were wearing tube-tops and minis! WOW! Nagmukha akong conservative! Hahahahahaha! May mga naka-shorts pa at sando! OMG! Hindi ka ata IN dun pag wala kang pulmonia! LOL. Everyone was dressed to party! Wala silang pakialam kahit na 15 degrees pa yung lameg!

It was a fun night.  Had a great time partying with my officemates.

Me and my Isaw. BOW.

 Booze fest

Shisha + mango-flavor = Sarap!!!

Kumusta? :)

The Boring One (LOL),


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an_indecent_mind said...

ayown o party mode!