Thursday, February 23, 2012

Past is past

P.S. Ang tripod ay hindi patungan ng kamay. LOL.

I like taking pictures of myself when I'm bored.  And then I like to edit it to make it appear black-and-white. Like this one.

Instagram is my best friend. Hehehe.

Or sometimes sepia. Like this one.

I like it because it gives a vintage touch to my photos.  Parang blast from the past. LOL. Speaking of the past, I had a run-in with an old flame a week ago (or was it two?). We ended up having early breakfast together and we caught up on each other's lives.  

There was no spark anymore but it was nice to see that he was doing great. It was like meeting an old friend.  

Hmmmmm, I wonder who I'd run into next. :) 

The Unpure One,



Andy said...

umi-emo pose! :p

Coleman said...


Before breakfast, was it fast? :-)

nye he he!

-=K=- said...

Andy - opkors! Mana ko sayo eh :)

Coleman - ikaw ha! Bad yan. Breakfast was done in less than an hour. LOL!

Anonymous said...

ehem :D

Coleman said...

Bad if it was very fast.
Good if it took a bit more time! :-)