Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cool Day!

I'm happy and chirpy and sparkly (sparkly?! what am I? wine?! Haha!) today!  I was feeling feverish the past couple of days but I'm glad I'm feeling better now. Yay! What's that idiom again...thinks... thinks... thinks..... I'm in the pink of health! Yeah that's it! :)

It's 32-freakin-degrees Celsius today! Hot! Hot! Hot! If you have been following my blog, you pretty much know that I'm the Queen of Cheap, right? :) Well, not really cheap cheap but, you know, I'm just trying to pinch my pennies a lil' tighter. FRUGAL is the new SEXY! Haha, yeah right! So anyway, because I'm super cheap (and sexy), I seldom use my aircon no matter how hot it is outside. I just use my trusty fan. Well, it's not actually just 'a fan', it's 'A FAN'! LOL! Picture this --- Stainless steel blades with cool gushing air that will put the elves in Northpole to shame. Haha! Oh yeah, it's hot today, hotter than usual. So I switched on my aircon after 70 years of hibernation - I brought it back to life. What was really funny about it was what my maid said "Ay, gumagana pala yan? Kala ko sira! Ndi mo kase ginagamet!" (translation: "Oh, it's working? All along I thought it was busted because I havent ever seen you use it!"). Hahaha! My maid and her tactless mouth. Don't you just love her? My electric bill doubles everytime I use the AC so I try to use it only for 'special occasions'... Ha!

Alright, I'll stop now before you find me weird. Just wanted to share with you the funny highlight of my day. Have a cool (use your goddamn aircons, you cheapo bastards!) day everyone! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The Queen of Cheap,


PS: Yeah I know, my translation sucks. LOL! And yes I still owe you Part 2 of my Bangkok Trip. 'will try to post it within the week. *wink*

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