Monday, February 22, 2010

I miss you!

I miss blogging. I miss sharing my thoughts with the world. I miss being my bold, and witty self. I'm having writer's (or should I say Blogger's) block for the past couple of weeks. Actually, I'm also busy with work and school, what with the coming Finals and all. That on top of having writer's block. So that explains the lack of posts for the last few weeks.

I have always been very open about my life and my thoughts. But lately I find myself thinking and censoring what I should and should not write about. Weird, right? As the number of readers of my blog grows, I find myself becoming less and less vocal about my take on sex, love, life and everything-in-between.  

Maybe I'm lacking inspiration. Or maybe I'm just too busy. Whatever it is that's keeping me away from blog'o'ville, I hope it releases me soon enough. I miss writing. I miss venting out my feelings. I miss being my pervy, sarcastic self. LOL!

I'll bounce back soon. I know it. Until then, I leave you with this mind-boggling question, Are you beddable or not? :) (Please feel free to comment!)


Anonymous said...


Am not surprised that you would censor yourself more and more as your readership broadens (and interestingly also probably gets closer to "home" at the same time)... Speaking for myself(!), total anonymity (along with readership on restricted invitations) is the precondition to candour and uncensored writing - especially of the more intimate type.

As to whether I am beddable or not, I'm the worst judge of that! Women friends, acquaintances and passers-by are no doubt those who can best answer the question.

Now ... if Natalie Portman is beddable, THAT's a question!!! :-)) :-))

Keep writing K.

And do come back to the more intimate you, it makes for much better reading, me find!


-=K=- said...

Hahaha! You're funny! Thanks E :) And yeah, Im trying to get my mojo back.

Thanks for continuously reading my little piece of rubbish. LOL!

Paul Pacheco said...