Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Unpure One gets PHYSICAL!

I have never been the sporty type of gal. I was never the kid in highschool who would always join varsities and sportsclubs on a whim. I would much rather prefer to read or sing or dance (not that I am good at it) than risk my extremities for something sporty and strenuous.

The only sports I remember playing when I was young was Chess and Softball.  I was a varsity player for both sports. Again, not that I'm good at it. I play Chess wayyyyy better than I play Softball.  I don't really get why you have to strike a ball then catch it with all your might just so you can throw it back. Like DUH?! Just throw the f@ckin' ball and don't return it! Hahaha!

When I was a kid, I was contented playing with my Barbie's and dressing them up like models or teachers or ho's! Ha! I never learned how to swim nor ride a bike. (Though I know it's not yet too late to try). Hahaha! So now that I am older (and still as sissy as ever), I try to make up for all those times when I missed out on all those adrenaline-rushing fun!
I tried doing wall-rapelling (I'm all smiles but my knees are buckling!) It's the first jump off the wall that's the hardest! I tried my best to cling to my friends but to my disappointment, it did me no good. Hahah!

I tried to re-create a 'superwoman' pose but it came off as goofy. This is more like a "Mighty Mouse (gay version)" pose.


And as if that is not enough, I also tried to do skimboarding.  But of course, it was just because I was trying to pull off a brawny yet sexy image. Ha, as if! In today's world, women who do men's sports are considered hawt! hawt! hawt! So I tried to fit in. LOL! But in the end, all my efforts turned futile.

I can't freaking balance myself atop the skimboard! Haha! I tried doing it like 500 times but I can't move longer than a foot! Hahaha! It was funny and embarassing all at the same time because there were a handful of people watching. They might have thought of me as autistic or something.

I tried doing it over and over again but each time's no better than the first time. Sigh. How do they f@cking do it?! It looks easy when you see them do it but once you're the one doing it, naku, I tell you, it's hard!!!!

I once tried this thing in Powerplant Mall wherein I was tied to a bungee cord but instead of the normal bungee jump, I was thrown almost 30 feet in the air and was bounced back thru a trampoline. Whew! It would've went on for a full 15minutes but I can't take it anymore so I backed out 5minutes into the thingy.  Imagine the feeling of your intestines being pulled down while you are being thrown up in the air. Yikes!

And then my recent attempt at trying to be adventurous found me a few feet up in the sky! Weeeee! I didnt know that paragliding could be so much fun!


I literally had to hold on to dear life because I'm so paranoid that if I ever let go of the harness, I will land straight into the water. And I told you I didn't know how to swim, right? Ha! It was exhilirating yet fun! 

I'm not all made up of girly bits. Beneath this vain and finicky exterior, is a tough and wild chick who will try anything adventurous, at least once in her life. (anal sex and unicycling excluded)


Anonymous said...

Oks lang if you can't fill that 2-pc quite well naman eh ;-D

-=K=- said...

Haha, that's sweet. Thanks. Leave your name next time! :)

Fine Life Folk said...

yeah 10 pts for the two pc

Anonymous said...

Wait until you go barreling up NLEX on my Harley at 100 mph (160 kph). That is some fun! And for some reason, girls love the vibrations of a Harley going full-bore. Just don't tell your mother, ok?


PS: Don't worry, i'm an old guy. You'll be safe. I think.

-=K=- said...

160kph on a Harley? That's so bad-ass! :) The last time I remember riding anything with 2 wheels was way back in Elementary. It was not even a 'macho' bike like yours. It was a scooter that me and my sis borrowed from my cousin. And yeah, we hit a post, my sis had a broken knee, and luckily for me, I was able to jump off the scooter. So that ends my biking career. LOL. Traumatized chiq :)

BTW, cute old men in Harleys are such a turn-on.

Anonymous said...

Why, thank you! But i said i was an old guy, not an old man, ha? :)

Old guys think they're still not done for, even if they really are.

Old men are, well, old men no matter what they think. Wait, is there a diff? :)))

It's horrible how you and your sister had that experience on your cousin's scooter as kids. Yeah, a broken knee would be traumatic.

Interesting how it is, after an accident. Sometimes at first you don't feel anything, just a vague rawness in different body parts and you're out of breath (what happened?). So you stand the bike (it's upwards of 700 lb.) with the help of good samaritans and check it out. Hey, not so bad. Wait, the right passing lamp's completely trashed! Oh, the handlebar's crooked! Nice, the repair shop will be happy! Then you start feeling the road rash on your hands, elbows, arms, etc. And the rips in your jeans. Ok, these jeans will impress some young chick (if you ever walk again). And there's ugly furrows on your favorite HD helmet. That's not so cool. Then your knee starts swelling magnificently. How come i can't stand right?

ER, here i come! When you limp in (getting on a gurney is not TNL.) the standard greeting from your friendly doctor is: You again? Aren't you getting too old for this? When was your last tetanus shot? All that fun stuff.

The last time, my knee was one big black, deeply abraded mess. Pretty impressive, if i might say so myself. All encrusted, not healing right. So the doctor says, Well, my friend, i'm afraid we'll have to debride it. That means he will scrape off all that encrusted shit with a scraper and antiseptic to make it a raw wound all over again so it can heal as it should. Clucking all the while, showing you his biggest bedside grin while you wanna clock him badly. He's debriding for about 40 minutes (the accident took a second). You definitely wish you were somewhere else. Meantime, being TNL, you're trying not to howl and whimper from the evil pain even if you dearly want to. Not cool, with those hot nurses attending.

So when it was all over, did i start riding again? Hell, why not!

And these jeans with the road rips, they look so chill :)


Onanymous out.