Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Done in 20minutes! (and nope, it's not what I think you are thinking)

I feel sooooooo guilty for not updating my blog for a couple of weeks now. Things have been pretty busy in the work and personal front that I cannot find myself squeezing in some blog time.

Anyway, I was dressing up for dinner one night last weekend and I noticed that I have managed to cut down my 'prep time' from the usual 1-hour to a record-breaking, heart stopping, eye-popping (hahaha, OA!), mere 20 minutes! Wowwwwww! Yes gentlemen, 20 minutes of 'prep time' is considered short by women's standards. Ha!

Here is a picture of the Unpure One who has just woken up from an afternoon nap-slash-beauty rest. Haha! If you can't find the beauty in the picture, then go to your nearest eye doctor and have a consult! (P.S.: Can you see my abs? If you think I have abs instead of flabs, then you DEFINITELY need to get a consult! Hahaha)


And after 20 minutes of fast shower, swift brushing of the teeth anda very quick blow (drying of the hair), Voila! The Unpure One is done! Of course I did away with the usual ironing of the hair and just decided to wear a headband to hide my unruly mane. 

What also kept my shower ritual down to 20 is that I cut back on putting on make-up.  Just a little gloss on the lips and tint on the cheeks and I am readdddddyyyyy.  I don't know if this is one sign of old age, but I noticed that as I get older, I tend to put on less make-up. Maybe because I am simply turning from a frivolously young girl to a matured (hold your laughter please! I can hear you from here!) and fun woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

I have yet to give you an account of my weekend in Bangkok. I will resume amazing you with my funny yet perv thoughts about life and stuff probably this weekend when I am not bothered by work and personal stuff.  Yes, I have a life too aside from blogging. LOL!

So do check back once in awhile for little senseless blogs like this.  'tis actually my way of saying that I am still alive and rockin' but is too hot and bothered fo' bloggin'! (Haha! I should have become a rap artist!)

And by the way, thanks to all of you who keep on following my blog. I noticed that I have just reached 700+ hits in a month's time. Thank you people! I'll leave you with a warm grateful smile that will brighten even the pitch black room of hell.

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Anonymous said...

Wow you're pretty and beautiful...