Monday, January 25, 2010

This Is It!

I have been pretty busy lately with work and school (and being a vixen in-between) that I havent had time to watch movies either in the cinema or on DVD. So I promised myself to catch up on recently-released hits.

Just to give you a brief background, I was never a music lover. I didnt grow up buying posters of the Spice Girls, or singing to Madonna's "Like A Virgin".  I only know a tad bit about music, and what little I know about, I am not even sure of! Ha! If you get to see the playlists on my iPod, man, you'd feel as if you are in a labyrinth.  There's lots of songs, yes. But I dont even know if half of them is garbage. I just download songs and God-knows-what.  I am soooo not up-to-date when it comes to music.

I got to see "This Is It" this weekend. It is not a movie, it is more of a documentary or concert-slash-movie of Michael Jackson. Yup, you can see the big L on my forehead, right? :) I am definitely a certified loser for having seen this only now. But, 'tis better late than pregnant never! I know no shit about music, but I definitely know a handful about Michael Jackson! I was awed when he dedicated his song "Gone Too Soon" to this young boy who died of AIDS.  I think it was fuzzy and heartwarming for him to do that. I also liked how he conceptualized "Heal The World".  He is one of the few artists I know who, despite his fame and fortune, still gives importance on what is basic and essential and pure.  He believes in the world and he believes in the people in it. He strives for peace and healing through his music. Sigh, how I wish there'd be more Michael Jacksons in this world.

I was moved by his greatness as an artist and as a person that I was crying during the majority of the movie.  For someone who is not musically-inclined, you definitely moved me.  RIP Michael.

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