Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mine for a day

I was home alone one night, bored. I called on some of my friends to bring some of their friends so we could all have an impromptu party/get-together. We met at this bar in the buzzing district of the metro.

In that party, I saw a lady who definitely got my head rising, the one that usually faces down. I must say women can defy gravity. Once a sexy woman walks by, my only elastic limb rises in attention to give due admiration. The girl I saw had the sweetest smile for the night. Her skin and body-hugging shirt appealed to my sensual urges. I had to get her name.

My bestfriend did just that.

The day after the party, I sent an SMS to one of my friends who also happened to be her friend. I was able to get ahold of her number then sent her an introductory message. I invited her out for coffee the following day and told her that I wanted to get to know her better.

Ladyluck must've been on my side because she agreed to meet with me. A familiar rendezvous point was arranged to speed up the encounter. I arrived a bit late at the mall. I asked for her absolution and it was granted immediately. As our meeting place was quite near the inn district in the city named after a river, I did not hesitate to proceed to that direction.

My girl was definitely a looker for her age and I was definitely pleased. Her tight fitting top complemented her figure. Driving to the motor hotel, I enjoyed our chitchat. I learned a lot about her situation. I reciprocated the favor by telling her about my profession and work location. I manifested my appreciation for accepting this engagement despite the short notice and the even shorter introduction.

As I parked my car into the garage, I knew that I was going to have good time. I could sense this from the way she articulated with me. Any girl who responds well to conversation usually is succeeded by great sex. My thoughts were confirmed.

After the mandatory locking of the door, I made non-verbal expressions that I wanted to perform the language of the country across the English Channel. As soon as our lips were locked and our tongues jockeying for
salivation, I knew I hit paydirt. The kissing was absolutely divine. To date, I must say, she is the best kisser I have ever had bar none. This went on for a good 5 minutes.

I suggested that we shower together but she declined the invitation. So, I decided to get clean first. By doing so, I accomplish my wish of seeing the girl I am about to go coital with coming out the shower
wrapped in a towel. Seeing her come out of the shower, I felt like Alladin.

Sitting on the bed and with her standing over me, we continued our foreign language lessons. Before I could get any grade, my girl proceeded south. I always liked receiving head while I am sitting up. She was licking my rod from pole to base. Her tongue was thirsty for my stiff shaft. After a couple of minutes of that, she motioned that I lay on the bed. I did just that. The felatio did not stop. In fact, it even got better. Even with my genetalia inside her oral orifice, she uttered moans of pleasure as did I because it was contagious.

Minutes later, I told her I was about to explode. She did not stop. She bobbed her head faster and faster. What amazed me was that this girl's whole body was in rhythm during the BBBJ. From the abdomen to her head,
the waving motion was erotically hypnotic. As I screamed the upcoming detonation, she parted her lips from my throbbing shaft and proceeded to rub in a smooth but paced motion. As the silvery liquid erupted, she
did not hesitate to tighten her grip and increase the massage. This sensation was too much for me. I let out my exhilaration through multiple shrieks of ecstasy.

After we cleaned the muddle, she lay beside me. Very malambing, I thought. We talked in our birthday suits for a good 15 minutes. This girl was not at all bashful about our nakedness (pun intended). As the
topic moved to sex, my second head could not help but rise in interest. It was as if it was rising to eavesdrop.

She saw that I was ready for another round.

We again engaged in French kissing. After that, I told her it was my turn to perform oral sex on her. I went down south. She smelled sweet. As my tongue was searching for her clitoris, her whole body shivered. Her love hole was getting quite moist. I reached for the raincoat and asked her to put it on for me. Then, I lay on my back and asked her sit on top of me. She agreed. Whew, my girl could teach Wyatt Earp
some riding lessons. I could sense that she could be a good singer/dancer because her moans were in tempo with her body movements.

It was exhilarating.

I then asked her to dismount as I wanted to do rear entry. There was no hesitation from her. With both of us kneeling, her rear end facing me and her hands on the bed, I glided in slowly. After insertion, I used deliberate and concentrated thrusts to show that I was not at all in a hurry. I wanted to give the same pleasure as she was giving me. I could sense that I was about 5 minutes from climax. I then slightly nudged her down so that she would lay on her stomach. I closed her legs and re-entered from the rear. With her legs inside mine, I now had a tight Elephant position. I could not hold it any longer, I told her my orgasm was forthcoming. Swoosh, I could feel the sailors bursting and hitting the wall that was made of latex. With my orgasm in full force, I still
was slowly pumping in and out. I sought to get every ounce of pleasure that I could.

As I removed the wrapped condom filled with white gold, I saw that my fluids were just as much as I gave out in the first round. I lay on the bed wasted from a bout aerobic activity.

My new found friend was a true one. She was not in a hurry to dress up after the deed. I knew I had more time for the room but I knew my tank was empty. A third round would have taken a very long time and I was
unsure of doing it as I have only done it once in my life.

After our respective showers, we had dinner at a fine restaurant close to the motel. I then drove her home afterwards. The trek from the river city to her house was brimming with funny anecdotes and short stories. We talked as if we were good friends. At least, we were already lovers.

**This story is purely fictional. Any semblance to real life scenario may just be a product of your hallucination. Hahaha! I have always wanted to write an erotica from a guy's perspective. I hope you liked it.

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