Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Raped 2009!

... And I Will Suck 2010 Dry!

Yes, you read it right! I raped the year that was! I forayed into every single opportunity that life sent my way. I claimed my place. I took it sitting down, standing up, even sideways! Haha! I lived the life last 2009!

I started it right by sharing my blessings in this nursing home near my place. Oh how I miss them! I would definitely go back this year to share with them what little I have.

I learned to control my shopping urges. Oh yes, it was hard! But I did it. Yebah!

I got back in school. And I'm loving it.

I (think) have been more responsible and more feisty at work.

I have been more open and social the past few months. Work hard, party harder. :)

I have been a good sister to my sibs and a good daughter to my folks. (at least I would like to think so)

I went to Singapore and Thailand. Learned about their culture. Though it left me almost penniless, I feel that traveling brings about a lot of priceless memories.

2009 was a good year. One of my best years actually. I owe it to the Man upstairs! Thanks for watching over me.

Now hold still as I am not done yet. I will ravish 2010! I will take it by the arm, lay it on the bed and kiss it with much ardor and passion! Yes, I will make 2010 an even better year for me! I will not bore you with New Year's resolutions that never happen. I will just shock you and surprise you. Watch out 2010, I am comingggggg!

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Anonymous said...

naks! hope 2010 is even more eventful and fulfilling for ya :D

- mango

-=K=- said...

Thanks mangga :) Lets rape 2010! LOL!