Sunday, December 20, 2009

Road to Maturity

Being the youngest in a brood of four, you can pretty much consider me as the spoiled brat in the family in the sense that I always want things to go my way. Anyhow, as time goes by, I realize that not all I want in life I can get in a snap.

I have been living independently for 2 years now...ü it's a very fulfilling life experience yet it is not an easy one... There's the Nike shoes that I have to forego because I have to pay the rent... the sleek black dress that I have to say goodbye to... and a million of other material things that I have to do without...

The first few months were really scary because I didnt know how to cook, wash the dishes or even iron my own clothes! I still remember the time when I cannot even perfect a sunny side-up for Christsakes! Hehehe! All these things I have to learn on my own... I started with the staple Adobo and worked my way up to making a mean Chopsuey! ü Hahahah! I still have my few kitchen booboos to date but what the heck! When all else fails, there's always the trusted array of "Kangguds" I can gobble up! =p

There are times when I miss the comfort of hearing my mom's "pagbubunganga" (translate - incessant noise. Just in case I have foreign readers. As if!) ... my dad's strict ways... the times when my sister and I would fight about who would wear which blouse... the quirky little ways of my nieces...

Odd as it may sound but I have never felt much closer to my family than when I moved out of the house... There's really truth to the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"... ü Yeah right!

At this point in my life, I have learned that there are alot of other things more valuable than clothes, shoes and what-nots... The independence and all the lessons that come with solo-living (or is it living-solo) is really priceless..

Slowly... but surely, I think I am finally getting to the Road to Maturity. ü

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Anonymous said...

Funny, you say: you have never felt closer to your family than when you moved out - so true... I moved away from my country - and funnily, when I did, I never felt so (insert home country)ish than at exactly that point... But it's not only that you miss what you lost, you are thrown into a different environment and are suddenly representing your personality towards the rest of the world. You realize: So much is different at home!! Socks can be folded in many different ways - not just the way your mom did it for 20 years, AMAZING!