Sunday, December 20, 2009

The First Salvo.

A person's "firsts" are always historical. They are beyond spectacular. Magnanimous even. I still remember some of my "firsts". Yes, even with my 'alzheimer-ish' memory, I still remember some of them. :)

I still remember my first crush. The poor guy's name is Hearty. Ha! He was my classmate back in Grade 1. He was also my escort when I joined this kiddie-beauty pageant in school.

I still remember my first night-out. It was at a pizza-bistro-slash-bar somewhere along West Avenue. I was with my mom, bro and sis. How harmless and family-oriented right! I think I got to sip beer that night too! The family that drinks together, gets drunk together. Haha!

My first taste of the forbidden drug. I still remember that. And I tell you, Drugs aren't for me. Seriously. To all my kiddie readers (as if I have followers at all, duh!), don't take drugs. They are bad for the health. See, I think my slightly-neurotic-bordering-to-psychotic attitude was because of that one single dose of Ecstasy, and Mogs and K. So If you don't want to be like me, please please please, for the love of Life, do not take drugs!

My first (and last) trip to the psychiatrist. I can still vividly remember how rotten I felt during that phase of my life. You see, I wasn't always the good girl that I project myself to be. Haha! I was once a rebel during my teen-age years. Like who isnt, right?! I know you too had your rebellious moments when you were young. Admit it! And so anyway, I went there because my folks thought there was something seriously and majorly wrong with me. Hehe. A few loose screws here and there. The doctor didnt do me any good at all. I guess it was just willpower and the support of family and friends that got me back on track. So No, i am never stepping foot in a looney's clinic again. Ever. (I could always take it back, you know.)

My first out-of-the-country trip. Yeah, I still remember fondly how I felt the moment I stepped foot on foreign soil. I spent Chinese New Year's in Hongkong and boy was it fun! I also got to go and spend a day in Disneyland! Too bad I wasnt able to take a picture with my favorite cartoon of all, Piglet. Tsk! I will definitely go back just for that.

So now that I have shared some of my "first's" with you, I welcome you all to my first blogpost. You will be witness to my "seconds" and "thirds" and "fourths".... I will share with you whatever experiences I go through, good or bad, in the hopes that you will learn a lesson or two. Or if you didnt pick up any lesson at all, at least I made you busy for awhile just by amusing you with my post!

Cheers! :)

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