Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

xx I pulled the trigger today. Like a gunshot wound to the head, I feel numb, lifeless, indifferent. I killed it while it was still beautiful. Sometimes it doesn't need major planning. I did it, just like that. No ready scripts, no prepared speeches. I need a bottle of vodka.

xx No, I'm not depressed. Just a bit sad. I need a bit of a boost. So what's a woman to do? Get a haircut. My hair's short but I had it cut even shorter, this time with bangs. Haha, yes bangs. I look barely legal (and undeniably stupid). Haha!

xx I have a homework in school that is due to be submitted tonight but I can't login to our website. Gaddemit! It keeps redirecting back to the same screen. Why oh why?

xx Had Sunday lunch with the whole caboodle. I don't know if it's Sinigang or Nilaga that mom cooked but it tasted real good. It's not too sour to be classified as Sinigang, and not too Nilaga-ey either. Hahaha! I'll just call it Sini-ga. Problem solved.

xx I just had a random thought today that If I were to have a girl for a child, I'd name her Francesca. Cute-sy name, right? :)

xx I'm not in the mood to work tonight. I just want to sleep and dream happy thoughts.

xx My favorite male blogger, hands (pants) down, is My favorite gay blogger is My alltime fave woman blogger? Tinatanong pa ba yun? Hahahaha! :p Visit their blogs and be entertained.

xx My sister, when she gets shocked or surprised, always says "Ay k!k! mo..." I remember one time when she suddenly dropped her cellphone, she shouted "Ay k!k! mo nahulog!". LOL. Good thing I was wearing undies that day so I knew it's not mine. Hehe.

xx I just don't feel like making a proper blogpost tonight. Masarap ren pala sometimes to blog in bullets. Hehe.

Un-purely yours,



Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts for your random thoughts...

I just noticed you refer yourself as the "unpure one" while I used "pure imperfection" as a tag in MTC.

By all means, you should take a break every now and then.

That's probably sinigang. She must've used much gabi for the extra flavor. Well, sinigang isn't always meant to be sour. I'd say your mom is a good cook.

Leo said...

hahahaha.. fan din ako ni baklangcockroach. mahal ko yun eh. haha.

Don Dee said...

Flattered naman ako dun. I love you too -=K=-. :)

dencios said...

for some reasons I think this post is just... hot. yes, hot for a reason I wouldnt say. Ahaha

hey, wassup K? im dencios.

-=K=- said...

Dencios - hahaha! Emo mode ako ngayon. LOL. Pag pinakita mo abs mo, sasaya ang araw ko. Can you do that for a friend? LOL! Thanks for dropping by.

Nimmy said...

ayeeeee. you're so sweet ate khai. mwah! :)