Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teacher, Teacher may I go out?

Good evening Philippines! :)

I don't have new unpure thoughts to blog about so I'll just share with you how my day went. It's School-day Saturday once again so I woke up early today - and by early I mean 40-mins-before-my-class early. Hahaha! I had my alarm set at 5am the night before but I didn't roll out of bed until after 6:30am. FOCKKKKK!

I had a quick shower, quick breakfast and made a mad dash to the door. LOL. Man, I moved so fast I felt like the spirit of The Flash took over me.  

But of course, the traffic in Philcoa failed me again. Grrrrr. Good thing my professor was also late for class. We arrived almost at the same time. Whew. 

Galing ko magPhotoshop no? Lovetttt! Hahahaha! (Ambisyosa!)

My class schedule today is from 7:30am to 4pm with only a 30-mins break in-between. Waaaaah! I'm not in the mood to eat something heavy during breaktime so I just brought snacks. (and by snacks I mean junk food!)

Ayos ba? Parang elementary lang no? LOL! I love Marty's!!!!!! 

My professor in Entrepreneurial Behavior is a very nice old lady (very 'showbiz' description I know, just in case she reads my blog.. lol).  I was wearing a miniskirt during our last meeting and she told me not to wear a short skirt to her class next time. Ooooookkkkayyyy! So I wore 'em pants on today (because I am an obedient girl) BUT I paired it with a tanktop. Syet! I forgot to bring a jacket or something. 

I love her =)

Prof: Iha, hindi ka ba nilalamig sa suot mo?
K: Hindi po ma'am.

(Prof looks at my seatmate.)

Prof: Buti nalang babae yang katabi mo kung hindi mawawala sa concentration yan sa suot mo.
K: Ma'am naman. Wala naman po syang ikaka-distract.

Laughter from the class.
(Prof looks at me again.)

Prof: Ay oonga iha, wala nga no! Pero kahit na....

Hahahahahaha! Syet.

And that, my unpure friends, is the highlight of my day. LOL! 

How's your weekend going?

The Unpure but Obedient One,



kikilabotz said...

wow bago na ang itsura ng blog niya. ang linis tignan. hehe. ahehe. so sexy ka pala eh..apir

-=K=- said...

Ambilis ah! Haha! Yeah nilinis ko kasi pati ako naguguluhan na e. LOL. Wala nga daw ikakadistract eh. Natatawa talaga ko sa prof kong yun. Ang cute nia :)

kikilabotz said...

hahaha. ang cute b niya. wag worry mas cute ka..ahahaha ^_^

dapat lagyan ng ng maraming maraming pads. haha

nga pala.ang galing ng pagkaphotoshop mo sa pics. hnd halatang inedit. ang pugelshit. hahah

Jag said...

Kaya ka pala seksi kasi ang tindi ng diet mo junkfoods for lunch...wawww di ko kaya yan hehehe...

I love your banner hehehe...

-=K=- said...

Jag - Ayos ba? Pero wala akong panama sa 10seconds of fame mo sa TV. Hahaha! Weeenur ka! Actually, ndi talaga ko nagda-diet. Wala lang talaga kong pambili ng lunch. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ms. K,

Ma'am pala kasi ang titser mo. Cute nga naman siya at mukhang strict but kind. Sana ma-read niya tong post ko (at ipasa ka). Lol.

Nice new look to your blogsite. Panalo.

Anonymous said...

My weekend, in one word, disastrous.

-=K=- said...

It's your birthday weekend, right? Why disastrous?

Anonymous said...

Last Friday, my leg was aacting up again. Was barely able to think through all the pain.

Saturday, we spent too much celebrating. There goes the savings. Lol.

Then Sunday, our Monthsary, the wife and i had a little fight and as usual, I got the dreaded shoulder. Then I fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare where my wife left me and had a relationship with Regine Velazquez. ROTFLMAO!

The deadline is supposed to be today but I didn't have any progress all weekend.

If somebody would just inspire me.

-=K=- said...

Anonymous - thanks. I had a strict old lady professor last semester. She's very meticulous when it comes to projects and all that shit. Guess what, she gave me a 1.5! :) Yay! So yeah, I love strict old lady professors! Hehe.

Nozzie - of all people kay Regine pa talaga? TSK! But there have been rumors before (pre-Ogie era) that she was lesbo, right? Go have make-up sex with the missus (and blog about it afterwards.LOL, kidding!).

Anonymous said...

Omigosh!!! Grabe, ngayon lang ako nakapag "omigosh" sa tanang buhay ko.

Waah!!! Kailangan maghabol!

Pero kunsabagay, ok na rin. Usapan kasi namin mi misis, if ever she'd cross the bridge, we'd share her new Girlfriend. Hehehe.

Anyway, the wife is semi-frigid. I doubt any make-up sex would take place in the near future.

Don't worry, I've got plenty of -eherm- "Bedtime Stories" for you to read before you sleep. :)

Why do I get the feeling you are the only one who read the "Reminiscing Series"?

Ex Jason said...

the picture gave me a good laugh. lolerz.