Saturday, July 31, 2010

14 Day Challenge: Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner

I have always worn my hair long, well not exactly long long, but almost bra-line long. LOL. Over the years, my hair has been subjected to different treatments - rebonding, curling, hair coloring and all other hair shitz. Hehe. I wasn't born with straight, shiny, flowing mane so I have to resort to these. I believe in the saying "If you aren't born with it, then do something about it!". Hahaha! In the process, my hair has become dry and frizzy. TSK TSK TSK!

My Unpure 'do over the years. (Bangs, No Bangs, Curly, Side-swept Bangs and Bang Me hairstyle. Hahaha!)

I was having a very stressful week at work. Yes, because it's month-end once again. Lots of things to complete for the month and a couple of work-related trainings that I need to conduct. Oh, the things that we do to pay the bills! Ha!

So anyway, getting this package in the mail this week was a welcome treat!

Procter and Gamble? Hmmmm... What could this possibly be? I then began enumerating P&G brands in my head:

- Are they sending me a pack of Safeguard or Mr. Clean? How could they have known that I don't shower everyday? Haha!
- Or maybe they sent me Oral B dental care products because they know I don't brush my tits, errr teeth often?
- Or or or maybe there's a pack of Eukanuba inside? Because they know how much of a junk food muncher I am. Hahaha!

Mystery in a Bottle

Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner

I loooove mysteries. So when I got this Mystery pack, I can't help but feel nostalgic about my younger years when I used to read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew paperbacks. Hehehe!

14-Day Challenge

There's this 14-Day Challenge happening all over lovely Manille. Celebs, bloggers, your neighborhood chismosa (hahaha), that cute Starbs barista, almost everyone are in on this 14-Day Challenge. I will wait it out for a couple of days before I give my review but one thing I can tell you as early as now, the shampoo smelllsssss abso-freaking-lutely awesome!

Hope everyone's having a very laid-back weekend!

The Unpure One,


P.S. The Big Reveal about this Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner and the 14-Day Challenge will unravel tomorrow in Channel 2's noontime show ASAP :-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Commit To Change: Become a "better version" of myself

Yes, you read it right - I want to become better. I am not doing too bad (lol) but I want to strive to become better. I have always seen myself as a "work in progress" that is why I make it a point to (re)evaluate my life every once in a while. I was not given a manual on how to live my life so I do it by trial-and-error. Hehe.

So how do I turn from good to better? Hmmmm.... (*looks up Dra. Belo's number in the directory*)


When I say better, it's more of an inner change, an inner improvement. Because if I feel better inside, it will show on the outside. Right? Right!

I Commit To Change: To keep my inner child alive.

I commit to never lose the child in me. By learning how to appreciate the little things. By looking at the world with childlike fascination. By learning how to love without conditions. By not sweating the small stuff. By learning how to embrace the moment.

Bordering from goofy to silly to downright crazy!

I will never be too old for fun and laughter. I take my life seriously but there has to be a balance between work and play.

I Commit To Change: No pretensions.

I commit to never be afraid to show my real self. I have never been the typical, conventional Filipina. I do not always conform with the norms, but I always try to stay within what is legal. Hehe. I commit to be proud of who I am – idiosyncrasies and all – because it is not bad to be unique.

Hongkong 2006 - Please remind me to never ever wear this in Manila. Hehe.

I Commit To Change: Take better care of myself.

No one will truly love me but me so in my quest to become better, I need to look after myself. I need to watch what I eat. I need to start eating healthy. And most importantly, I need to get lots and lots of sleep!!!!

Goodnight cruel world,Hahaha! =D

I Commit To Change : Smart is the new sexy.

I commit to finish my studies no matter what. No excuses this time around. I will also try to read more books of different topics in order to gain more knowledge about the things that surround me. I commit to learn new things because smart is the new sexy.


"There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse! As I have often found in travelling in a stagecoach, that it is often a comfort to shift one's position, and be bruised in a new place." - Washington Irving


It's never too late for change. Join the I Commit to Change movement in Facebook and Twitter.

The Unpure One,


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's for Breakfast?

Hey hey hey! Good morning. I just got home from work.

I am tired and hungry from working all night. Plus I don't have food in the fridge! Fudddggggeeee! I have someone who does the cooking for me but she's on day-off today so I cooked my own breakfast. So what did I cook?

Ingredients : Basil, Caviar, Canape, Cilantro, Liver Patte with a cup of Perignon (LOL)

Well, it's a french cuisine. Let's just call it -- * Kalavasé et çitàw.



Hahaha, ayos ba?

Surprisingly, it tastes real good. I love it! Good times. J

How about you, what's for breakfast?

The Unpure Iron Chef,


* Kalabasa and Sitaw! Hehe, yum! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

An Open Letter to the Future Love of my Life

To Whom It May Concern (you lucky bastard!),

I don't know you yet. But I know you're out there somewhere. I am sure you are smart and witty and funny and kind. And you'd have the sense of humor of a 12-year old. Hehe. I hope you smell nice too. I'm sure you are not a jejemon because I will not be the least bit attracted to you if you are, jejeje! 

I’ve been living alone for the past couple of years - doing things around the house on my own, paying bills, buying the furniture. Eventhough I like doing these things on my own, I would appreciate it if you can take out the garbage for me every night. I don’t like taking out wet garbage, it grosses me out. I can do the sweeping of the floor and the washing of the dishes with a smile, but not that. I would love you ten thousand times more for it J

I like to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I have more failed experiments than successful ones though. If my experiment tastes like crap, please please please tell it to my face. Don’t go saying “Oh baby, you’re a wonderful cook!” just to please me. I want honesty in all areas of our relationship, most especially when it comes to sex and my cooking. Hahaha! I wouldn’ take offense if you tell me it tastes like cardboard, but please say it in a nice way in order to soften the blow. You can say “Uhmmm baby, you look extremely sexy and pretty tonight but your chicken stew tastes like chicken shit!” - stress on the sexy and pretty part so I won't feel bad. I want to feed you with my orgasmic home-cooked meals that’s why I would really appreciate an honest-to-goodness feedback from you.

I love surprises. No matter how self-sufficient of a woman I am, I would also love for you to shower me with surprises once in awhile. It can be as cheap as siopao from Aling Patring’s sari-sari store or as expensive as that newest techy gadget in town, either way it will make me happy. (But of course, the latter would make me MORE happy! Hahaha) I would appreciate it even more if you give surprises on days when we are not celebrating anything at all.

I am a big ball of mush and I hope you don’t find it weird if I give/send you letters of affection (everyday) once in awhile. I also love sending ‘kilig’ messages thru SMS. And I might sometimes call you during your lunchtime to have hot steamy phonesex (hahaha). I can be sweet and crazy and spontaneous. When I give you sandwich for your baon, please check the inside ASAP, because sometimes I like to insert notes in between the patty. Yes, I told you I’m crazy J We will have a lot of fun, crazy times in store so be ready!

In times when I am quiet, don’t fret. There’s nothing wrong with me. There are moments when I would just like to sit and stay silent. Consider this as your “happy hour” because I would not mind if you do your own things too like watch basketball on TV or play PS3. Or you can go online and play computer games, I don’t care. But my silent episodes usually last for 2 hours max, so after 2 hours, I hope you don’t mind if I tell you to stop whatever it is you are doing so we can cuddle. J

Oh, cuddling, how I love thee! I am super malambing and I hope you don’t mind if I make you ‘tsansing’ all the time or sit on your lap or give you a full kiss on the lips (even when we have guests around. LOL!).  It’s my way of showing you how much I appreciate you for the man that you are. And if you get lucky, I just might give you a ahemmmm. Think open mic sessions every night. Hahaha! It would really bruise my ego if you watch porn all by yourself. So please never ever do that. Let’s watch it together. Who knows, I might learn a trick or two and use it on you. LOL.

I would like you to know that your princess is a moody son of a bitch. I have my ‘bright, sunshin-y’ moments and I have my ‘emo’ moments too and both of these moments you can experience in a span of 5minutes. Hahaha! Don’t call my mom and tell her that I’m going crazy. I might have had a bad day at work or maybe it’s the time of the month. On times like this, RUN! Hahaha! Seriously, when I cry for no reason, just hold me tight and kiss me and tell me wonderful things. Because no matter how strong I am, I have my weak episodes too and I would love it if you will be by my side to tell me that everything will be okay.

I’m sure we’d have fights – both major and petty and we’ll have days when we just want to cut each other's throat (HAHAHA). Let’s try not to shout at each other, okay? Let’s sit and talk our problems through and discuss it like the mature adults that we are. And honey, If I tell you “I’m okay” after a fight, please know that I am NOT okay. You don’t have to worry about it because I will be okay in the morning. Just hug me tight the entire night. (Make-up sex is preferred but not required.)

Our life will not always be peachy, my handsome sugarpop. But no matter how ugly it gets (I hope not), always remember that our love and commitment to stay together will help us through the rough times. Even during these times, please know that I will still serve you orgasmic meals and make love to you like the vixen of a woman that I am. I would still cuddle and make ‘tsansing’ to you. I will be here no matter how shitty. Because you are wonderful and you are kind and you are generous and you are everything that I want in a man.

Lastly, while I am waiting for you to come into my life, I hope you don’t mind if I go out on dates once in awhile. Because who knows, one of them might be you. Don’t worry, if that happens, we’ll know. J

Take care alright?

P.S. Please wear nice, clean shoes.

Your Unpure One,


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teacher, Teacher may I go out?

Good evening Philippines! :)

I don't have new unpure thoughts to blog about so I'll just share with you how my day went. It's School-day Saturday once again so I woke up early today - and by early I mean 40-mins-before-my-class early. Hahaha! I had my alarm set at 5am the night before but I didn't roll out of bed until after 6:30am. FOCKKKKK!

I had a quick shower, quick breakfast and made a mad dash to the door. LOL. Man, I moved so fast I felt like the spirit of The Flash took over me.  

But of course, the traffic in Philcoa failed me again. Grrrrr. Good thing my professor was also late for class. We arrived almost at the same time. Whew. 

Galing ko magPhotoshop no? Lovetttt! Hahahaha! (Ambisyosa!)

My class schedule today is from 7:30am to 4pm with only a 30-mins break in-between. Waaaaah! I'm not in the mood to eat something heavy during breaktime so I just brought snacks. (and by snacks I mean junk food!)

Ayos ba? Parang elementary lang no? LOL! I love Marty's!!!!!! 

My professor in Entrepreneurial Behavior is a very nice old lady (very 'showbiz' description I know, just in case she reads my blog.. lol).  I was wearing a miniskirt during our last meeting and she told me not to wear a short skirt to her class next time. Ooooookkkkayyyy! So I wore 'em pants on today (because I am an obedient girl) BUT I paired it with a tanktop. Syet! I forgot to bring a jacket or something. 

I love her =)

Prof: Iha, hindi ka ba nilalamig sa suot mo?
K: Hindi po ma'am.

(Prof looks at my seatmate.)

Prof: Buti nalang babae yang katabi mo kung hindi mawawala sa concentration yan sa suot mo.
K: Ma'am naman. Wala naman po syang ikaka-distract.

Laughter from the class.
(Prof looks at me again.)

Prof: Ay oonga iha, wala nga no! Pero kahit na....

Hahahahahaha! Syet.

And that, my unpure friends, is the highlight of my day. LOL! 

How's your weekend going?

The Unpure but Obedient One,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music and Madness

Music is an art form. We express our feelings through music. When we are depressed, stressed or heart-broken, we listen to music. It relaxes us, it heals us. 

Recent studies show that music is also being used for therapy. Yes, music therapy for people with psychiatric disorders. Music has been used in psychosis and neurosis and now is being used in addressing organic disorders such as dementia.  In some psychiatric facilities abroad, they use this method called "Background Music Therapy" in which they let their patients listen to the same songs over and over again within 5 to 8 hours period. These songs, according to their observation, helps create a calm environment for their patients. 

Because I have a philanthropic heart, I am thinking of submitting one of my "best" karaoke performances ever to be used as "Background Music Therapy". Hehe.

Want to hear it? 

Sure, go ahead.

Let me know how it made you feel afterwards, okay? Because if I get good reviews about it, I just might send this to one of those big psychiatric facilities in the US as an act of good will. Hahaha.

The Unpure Singing Sensation,


[Source: here]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Peborits!

Here are sites that I often go to when I'm bored. (FYI : I'm always bored.) 

1. I am a frustrated musician. I have always wanted to play a musical instrument -- any musical instrument! Unfortunately, my family's not musically-inclined. No one, as in no one in our family knows how to play any instrument. The only instrument I play is my organ. BWAHAHAHAHA! (Take note: PLAY - present tense. LOL!)

So when I am bored and I want to feel like a rockstar, I go to this site --

You can play the drums using the keys on the keyboard. I always like pressing the letters V and N. I like how these two keys sound together. Try it! :)

2. Next on my list is Basing on the ample pictures of me, myself and I in this blog, you may have already formulated that I am a camwhore. Hahaha. I go to this site when I want to take pictures of myself using the webcam. 

You can take normal or distorted pictures of yourself. See above example. (The normal picture is of course the one on the right. The one with the eyeglasses is the distorted version. LOL.)

3. When it's raining and I want to keep myself warm, I read erotic stories at Yes, of course, I just read and do nothing else. Promise! *insert lightning sounds*

I like going to sites that has an R-18 disclaimer. It usually means that I am up for a spiritually touching and morally uplifting read. LOL.

4. When I want to read eroticas in Tagalog, Xerex Xaviera-style (LOL!), I go to Pangalan pa lang, kahina-hinala na! Hahahaha!

Logo pa lang, alam mo nang may moral lesson kang matututunan! =)

5. Of course, I'm saving the best for lust last. This is where I go to if I want to learn more about life, love, sex and everything in-between. You have never lived a full life not until you've read this blog. The writer's amazing, not in the literary I-write-so-well-like-Shakespeare-and-Ricky-Lo-combined kind of way (hahahaha), but mostly because she writes from the heart. She tries to keep everything animated, but real. You may or may not like her but you will always come back and read her shit because no matter how much you deny it, this lady blogger grows on you. 

Parang cover lang ng Abante noh? Hahahaha!

NOTE: To my kiddie readers (yes, im referring to the three of you), if you are below 18, please don't go to #3 and #4. Okay, big-sister mode is now off. 

Unpurely yours,


Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

xx I pulled the trigger today. Like a gunshot wound to the head, I feel numb, lifeless, indifferent. I killed it while it was still beautiful. Sometimes it doesn't need major planning. I did it, just like that. No ready scripts, no prepared speeches. I need a bottle of vodka.

xx No, I'm not depressed. Just a bit sad. I need a bit of a boost. So what's a woman to do? Get a haircut. My hair's short but I had it cut even shorter, this time with bangs. Haha, yes bangs. I look barely legal (and undeniably stupid). Haha!

xx I have a homework in school that is due to be submitted tonight but I can't login to our website. Gaddemit! It keeps redirecting back to the same screen. Why oh why?

xx Had Sunday lunch with the whole caboodle. I don't know if it's Sinigang or Nilaga that mom cooked but it tasted real good. It's not too sour to be classified as Sinigang, and not too Nilaga-ey either. Hahaha! I'll just call it Sini-ga. Problem solved.

xx I just had a random thought today that If I were to have a girl for a child, I'd name her Francesca. Cute-sy name, right? :)

xx I'm not in the mood to work tonight. I just want to sleep and dream happy thoughts.

xx My favorite male blogger, hands (pants) down, is My favorite gay blogger is My alltime fave woman blogger? Tinatanong pa ba yun? Hahahaha! :p Visit their blogs and be entertained.

xx My sister, when she gets shocked or surprised, always says "Ay k!k! mo..." I remember one time when she suddenly dropped her cellphone, she shouted "Ay k!k! mo nahulog!". LOL. Good thing I was wearing undies that day so I knew it's not mine. Hehe.

xx I just don't feel like making a proper blogpost tonight. Masarap ren pala sometimes to blog in bullets. Hehe.

Un-purely yours,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Andre's Happy Battle

I rented a place in Pasig (near the motels.. hehe) a couple of years back when I used to work in Eastwood. I have become friends with my landlady and her family. I still keep in touch with them once in awhile. Lately, I got news that their son, Andre, has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Andre is a very charming 7-years old boy. He is now 10 weeks into his treatment and he will undergo extensive, daily chemotherapy sessions starting next week.

Andre's a very brave kid. You can see him smiling all the time despite the cancer. Like typical boys his age, he likes Toy Story, Spongebob and Plants vs. Zombies. :) He is a very happy and bright kid and he is in need of blood. Any type will do.

To anyone who wants to donate blood, please go to  Philippine Children's Medical Center in Quezon Avenue and tell them that you are donating blood for Andre Armea. PCMC is open from Monday to Sunday 8am to 5pm.

Thanks in advance.

Contact details of Andre's parents:
Rachelle Armea - 0917 245 0620
Carlos Armea - 0926 701 2995


All Because of You

Dark days become sunny
Frigid days become warm,
Rainy days become cloudless
And lightning got wiped away from the storm.

Oceans sing,
Rocks cry out,
Mountains roar,
And tree branches shout.

The stars fall
Right out of the sky.
The moon winks
And the sun went dry.

All because you said one thing
All because you said it true
All because you made me smile
All because you said I love you.

[Source: here]

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shanghai, I Shall Return!

If you have been following my blog, you'd recall that I went to China a couple of months back. I haven't posted pics from my China trip, mainly because I have been busy with alot of stuff plus I was too lazy to organize the pictures.

So anyway, I got some free time today so I'll share with you snaps from our Shanghai leg. To follow na yung iba.

It was super hot that time so I had to wear a cardigan or else iitim na ng todo yung arms ko! LOL!

Spot the phallic symbol! Hahaha!

Shanghai's very cosmopolitan. Look at those buildings. Nice noh?

Stinky tofu, yay! Napatunayan ko nang halos lahat ng mabaho ay masarap! HaHaHaHa!

Ndi ko alam bat kame nagpicturan dito. Wala namang interesting background! :)

We went to the Shanghai World Expo 2010

1st booth that we visited - Philippines! Pinoy pride baby! =)

Nope, he's not a wrestler (LOL). One of the Haka performers from New Zealand

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. -- Albert Einstein

Hope everyone's having a good week! Will show you the rest of the pics as soon as I organize them.

The Unpure Stinky One,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sharing is Caring

I wasn't born with a silver spoon. Heck, not even silver nor gold plated. Hehe. I never had big, cool toys during my formative years. I remembered asking my mom for a V-tech when I was 8 years old because one of my classmates had one but because we can't afford it, my mom told me to make do with what I had. And what I had back then were those paper cut-out dolls that you can buy at the neighborhood sari-sari store.

My mom taught me early on in life that there are other things that are far more important than high-tech toys and Barbie dolls. I remembered when I was 18 years old, I had to cancel my debut. We helped a relative get through an operation and the money that we should've spent on the party, we gave to them instead. She didnt leave me high and dry, of course we still had a mini-celebration to welcome me into adulthood. We had a fancy candlelit dinner, just the three of us - my mom, my dad and me. I didn't feel bitter because she explained to me that helping someone in need is more important than throwing a lavish party.

My mom has always been the epitome of kindness. She's well loved by many because of that and also because of her jovial spirit and her optimism. I look up to her because no matter how little we have, she still finds ways to help others when she can. Her motto "Mabuti nang tayo ang hinihingian kesa tayo ang nanghihingi." (TRANSLATE: 'Tis better to give than to ask. Hehe! 'Langyang translation yan!)

Last year, instead of having a party, I spent my birthday in Golden Acres - a facility for the aged and the elderly. I brought food for the oldies and spent time talking to them and listening to their stories. They told me stories of how their sons and daughters left them there. That some promised to visit, but they never did.

We arent rich but God makes up for it in more ways than one and my birthday was the perfect time to pay it forward. It was a very humbling experience for me and I was lucky to have shared that afternoon with my mom and dad.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

Thank you for instilling in me the values that I have today, Mom. Thank you for being a rolemodel of kindness, perseverance and optimism. You are the greatest. I love you and Happy Birthday!

The Black Sheep,


P.S. Don't worry, I will take care of you and dad even until they day that you become senile. I was only kidding when I told you I'd leave you in Golden Acres once you start showing signs of dementia! Hehehe!