Sunday, May 30, 2010

Call of the Red

It’s not normal for me to feel sad and melancholic out of the blue. I mean I was perfectly fine and chirpy yesterday morning and come 9pm last night, my mood started to change. Weird, right?  I just knew something was wrong with me. And true to my inkling, the culprit surfaced in no time – it was the Call of the Red. LOL. I don’t like it when my hormones are running crazy. It makes me feel super moody. Sigh. Of course you guys can’t relate because you don’t get to experience this every month. Good for you!
Anyway, I went to work today. Yes, on a Sunday no less. And that makes me a certified loser, I know. Month-ends are really a pain in the bun. Much like getting an anal sans the lubricant. Ouch! There are deadlines that need to be addressed and quotas that need to be met. Welcome to the real world! :)
And oh, I got my new baby today. I love working with complicated things and this baby of mine has a dial for both manual and automatic operation that I don’t even know where to begin. I hate reading manuals, tsk tsk tsk. Women! Hehehehe.
Canon SX120 IS

Yay! I am not sad anymore. Thank you Canon for easing my loneliness. LOL. 

Do you know where I can buy a pouch for this model? The store where I got it doesnt sell any.

The Unpure Paparazzi,



Micamics said...

WAW! I love your cam K! You can check out for a pouch at Appliance center located at the Mall nearby where there's a WIFI hot spot. :)

-=K=- said...

Mica - right across "our" mall, you mean? I'll buy one this payday. I don't have enough moolah already. LOL! I got this in Shang, it only came with a 128MB card so i'd probably buy a bigger card too. Idol kita that's why I also got a Canon. LOL! When are we going to take pictures? I miss you!