Monday, May 17, 2010

My Unpure Pick of the Week : SKINGLOW

It is hard to face your problem especially if the problem is your face. 
I know this much is true. Hehe. It's a good thing that I didnt have to deal with pimples or acne during my growing up years BUT, wait there's more, LOL... instead of these, I have to deal with uneven blotches on my face particularly on my forehead! WTF right? Maybe because it's this part of the face that is more exposed to the sun. Big SIGH. I live in super-freaking-duper-tropical-hot Manila so avoiding the sun is really not an option. It's either I become a hermit or I live somewhere far and cold like Switzerland.

I have consulted several dermatologists about this problem and they have always recommended the same things - chemical peels and other products that are hydroquinone-loaded. I get instant results with hydroquinone, don't get me wrong, but as soon as you stop using the product the blotches come back. Plus I can't take all the redness and peeling and itching that comes with it. :( (Yes, It's hard to be a girl.)

I have recently discovered a skincare line that aims to improve the over-all complexion of the face (and neck) without the use of hydroquinone. The products do not contain harsh chemicals that it can also be *used by pregnant women. This product doesn't offer instant results but what it does is it gradually improves the texture and the elasticity of your skin from the inside out.

This picture was taken with no make-up. Look how my forehead is darker than the rest of my face, right? On top of that, my T-zone area has a tendency to be a bit oily especially in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest!
I was recommended to use the orange soap everytime I wash my face and then apply the Collagen Cream plus the Sunblock during the day and the Whitening Cream at night. Wow, no astringents or clarifying lotions to add? Nice! :) Perfect for lazy people like.....uhmmm.. ME! At least all I had to do is wipe the cream and go! Hehe!

Since I work at night, I use the daycream at night and the night cream during the day. Hehe, funny right? But it's true. I can see a gradual improvement on my skin (particularly my freaking-f*cked-up forehead! Haha) after using the product for 5 days.  I like that it doesn't give me scandalous-Edward Cullen-pale white skin overnight. That way, the improvement is more natural and not over-bearing.

I like using their sunblock (with SPF30) because it is in a clear-gel form and it is not oily and sticky. It gives my face the right amount of sun-protection and the right amount of gloss that makes my face look dewy. And best of all, it doesn't leave a white cast that will make me look like a walking 'espasol'. Hahaha!

I didn't have any qualms about trying the product (eventhough it has not been released in the market yet) because it is BFAD approved.  I initially told myself that I'd only test-run this product for 10 days but because I am seeing good results, I am going to continue this regimen.

I have friends coming up to me lately to say that my skin looks bright and healthy. And that is exactly what I want to achieve. Yay! And by the way, this product doesn't cause hair shortening, I just coincidentally had a haircut during my self-imposed trial period. Hehehe.

My Unpure Verdict : This product doesn't guarantee overnight result but it surely does what it says it will do.Give this product a try and notice how your skin texture and radiance will improve in a couple of weeks.

 (I already used half of the soap before I remembered to take a picture of the product! Haha! Excited much?)


Gmacs Cosmetic Distributor
Karina Building 33 Shaw Blvd.
Pasig City
Telephone # 9100023

[You can email the blog owner for further questions/inquiries regarding the product.]

* It is highly-recommended for pregnant women to consult with their doctors prior to the use of this product just to be on the safe side. *

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