Monday, May 3, 2010


xx I had a massage earlier and it was divine. So divine that I fell asleep a few minutes after the masseuse started kneading on my shoulders and back. I rarely sleep when I call for home-serviced massages for fear that they might steal something from me the moment I close my eyes. Thank God my 14-inch TV is still here! Hahah!

xx I have been writing technical articles as a 'sideline' for over a month now. They have given me another project recently - 18 articles due in 5 days. Social life has been nada for a week because of this. I like that they have given me diverse topics - from Data Governance to Money Markets to Giving a Woman the best orgasm ever! Hehe! Yes, I'm not kidding. I had a hard time conjuring up ideas about the 'O' part because I have always been on the receiving end of things. I have (and never will) not given any woman an orgasm - in whichever way, shape or form LOL!

xx I mixed a slice of banana in a glass full of Coffee-crumble flavored icecream and topped it with Chocolate syrup. My own version of banana split. Yum!

xx I need to get an NBI clearance soon because it's one of the requirements to get a Chinese Visa! Acccck! I don't want to fall in line in City Hall. The line's too long and it's too hot. Sigh. 

xx  I feel horny and weird. I think I'm about to get my period.

The Unpure One,


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