Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't Miss Me Too Much

...i'll be going to China and will be back Wednesday next week. I haven't really done any research on where we want to go and how we are going to get there. Wish me and my friends luck considering that not many people there speak English or Engrish... LOL!

As the saying goes, "Bahala na si Batman!" (Translation: Let Batman do his job!) [Hahahaha! Freakin' translation!]

In the meantime, anyone who can guess what the below phrase means will get a prize from me :)

吻我的屁股 Wěn wǒ de pìgu

Have a great week ahead everyone!

The Unpure Siomai-lover,



WTF said...

吻我的屁股 = Kiss my Ass (buttocks)


Nimmy said...

paslubong! lether wag! hihi :)

Don Dee said...

Thank you google:吻我的屁股 (Wěn wǒ de pìgu) - Kiss my ass

Anonymous said...

Hi, i think i know what the Chinese sentence means.

Something like, "I need a bathroom in a hurry. It is a matter of life and death. Please help me."

Do i get the prize?


PS: Hope you have a good, nay, a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm a living fossil trying to come to terms with the wired world, a strange, often bewildering place for me. i'm new to your site, although i tried posting a comment yesterday. i like your site, also the Mungo Conspiracy and Tunay Na Lalaki sites. Obviously, i haven't been around much, except to the porno and MTC sites.

If i might say so, your picture in the water is cool. No, it's waaay chill. it's so... real, i guess. It conjures up a spontaneous vitality, the sap of youth in its fullness coursing through the veins, the unspoken flood tide of hormones raging. Pardon me, but i can almost imagine tiny fish nibbling at your feet and looking up to heaven, googling fish eyes at the promised land, so close yet so unattainable...

Well, i'm getting carried away. Hope i don't sound like a pervert, although i probably do sound a bit crazy (i am). But i really do appreciate the picture, honestly, and am writing this comment with good, if somewhat unpure, intentions.

i also do appreciate your blogs, of course, except the ones about female skin scare and such.

Cool bloggings.


grumpyurbanslacker said...

"Can you spank my bottom?"

-=K=- said...

WTF and Mungo: that's correct! Yay! Email me so I can send you your GC's :) [Thanks to my sponsor! Hehe]

JHP: Thanks for reading my blog. Yeah, I try to keep everything real :) And yeah, the sites on my bloglist are really amusing. BTW, your answer's wrong. LOL.

Nimmy: Wala ako pasalubong for you. Walang time to go around and shop. [palusot ng mga walang pera..LOL]

GUS: Thanks for your tips! I love love love Xintiandi! :)

Don Dee said...

Hmmm... email you so I can get GCs? Good ploy catwoman. But Batman will never reveal the location of his batcave! lol.

Don Dee (aka. Batman)

-=K=- said...

Nyahahahahaha! :D Silly! As if I'll come knocking on your door in my ratty shirt and granny panty. Hmmm. On second thought, that doesn't seem like a bad idea after all. LOL!

Don Dee said...

We'll just exchange gifts close to christmas (maybe). I am thinking of having t-shirts printed. "I am a mungoconspirator" or something like that. My gift is actually a PROMO item. And you all will be my walking billboards (one thing i've learned during this past election) Hahaha... now that's the ploy!

Batman out.