Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive!

OMG. I have been super busy lately. Busy with work, busy with my 'rakets', busy being busy. I haven't gone online for the past few days and it felt like forevah. So here's what I have been doing while I was M.I.A.

I was busy bonding with the whole caboodle. My family went to this resort somewhere in Antipolo.  My nieces and nephews swam to their heart's content, while me and my siblings lazed around doing nothing. It's nice to just sit and talk and bond over lots and lots of food! Heaven! :)

Kissing the frog, errrr, the pig! :D

Nagpicnic sa semento! I love it! Haha! (Me with my fab sisters and my one and only brotha')

I went to Makati this week to follow-up on something. I rarely go to that side of town because it's quite far from where I live. So aside from my real itinerary, I made the most out of my trip there yesterday. (LOL, probinsyanang-probinsyana lang) I met up with my friend for lunch and did alot of window-shopping. Haha! I feel so mature because I didn't give in to my shopping urges! Yeheyyyyyyyyyy! (plus, I really didn't have money to burn. Haha!)

I decided to take the C5 route on my way home instead of braving the traffic in Edsa. And while I was in the Fort, I decided to meet up with my friend for coffee.  There's this cafe in Market! Market! called Cafe de Lipa that serves cool Pinoy-concocted coffee (made from Barako beans, i think). It's nice to be in a different environment once in awhile. Somewhere where there are lots of buildings and lots of nice-looking people. I live in the boondocks and there's a shortage of those here. LOL!

And oh, I had a haircut. I did the big chop last Friday. The summer heat made me do it! I haven't sported a short 'do in a long while so it's quite liberating. At least all I had to do is shampoo and go. No more hours wasted on blow-drying. (I'd rather blow other things than my hair, you know! Hahahahahaha)

And you, how'd your week go?

The Unpure Probinsyana,



Anonymous said...

Not just caboodle, but the whole boodle was fought!

Don Dee said...

I am glad. That you are still alive that is. :)

And I miss kapeng barako. The motherside of family hails from Batangas. I love the smell of Batangas coffee in the morning. Smells like... home...

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice 'do :D

Chito said...

Actually, marmol yun, hindi semento. ;-)

(Been posting comments for some time now, ngayon ko lang napansin na may option pala to have my website show instead of my google ID.)

-=K=- said...

Don Dee: I don't like the smell of Kapeng Barako... smells a bit like Humpy Dumpy (the chips) to me. I suddenly remembered neckromancer's blog about it a couple of months back. Hehe.

Chito: Hey you, yeah you can sign in using your account :) I dropped by your blog. You've been around the country! Nice pics!