Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things That Make Me Happppyyyyy

1. Being with my family makes me happy. I love hanging out with my sibs and their kids. There's no greater feeling than playing with my nieces and nephews and teasing them to the point when they're almost crying. I love it! Hehehehe!

2. I don't have a landline at home since I don't see any use for it.  I usually stay at work longer than I should  so it's more convenient for friends and family to reach me thru my mobile phone. On days when I get hungry, I just order through McDonald's online.Their fast and efficient system makes me happy.

3. Clean public restrooms make me happy. I'm not finicky but who would want to sit in a dirty, soiled toilet seat, right?

 4. Colorful things make me happy! I love colorssssss! I can not live in a black and white world! I like 'em loud and vibrant - from clothes to shoes to flowers. I love, love, love them in different colors! :)

 If you think these are super colorful.. boy, you haven't seen my unit yet! LOL! 

My unit's a mad house! I have orange walls with yellow accent, my cabinets are color(ed) green and my bedroom's in pink! Hehehe! It's crazy and funky - just the way I like it! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

5. Blogging makes me happy. Isn't it obvious? 

6. Walkalators make me happy! How I wish there's a walkator outside my unit all the way to the office. That would be heavenly!

7. Ox brain and isaw and balut make me happy! It's bad for my health I know. But what can I do? Diba nga they say, 'kung ano yung madumi, yun yung masarap?' Hahaha! [Translation: the dirtier the food, the tastier!]

8. Making small talk with people in the airport (while waiting for my flight) makes me happy.  I met this nice girl who also loves to blog. You can check out all her travel photos here

9. Being with my friends makes me happy. There's nothing like catching up with my girlfriends and swapping sappy life and love stories over margarita, beer, and shots of blowjob. Wait, did I say blowjob? =P

That's the Unpure One in the middle with 2 of my best galpals ♥ ♥ ♥ (Yup, the saying's true - Pretty girls flock together. LOL!)
10. Perfect jumpshots make me happy! I love being all silly and goofy in front of the camera and lately, me and my friends have been practicing real hard to take the perfect jumpshot. Hehe. Shallow, right? I don't care because it makes me happy =)

 Super un-glamorous I know, but what the heck! I'm happy! *smile*

How about you, what makes you happy? 

The Unpure Jumpshot Expert,


[P.S.  I'm busy with work this week. I'll blog about my China trip in the next few days.]


trabeller said...

Hi, K! :) Wow, i'm glad to be included in the "things that make you happy" as that someone you met at the airport, hehe. It was nice meeting you, too.. Btw, would you still wanna have a copy of the you-know-what pic? it isn't really clear, but if you still wanna have a copy, i'll be glad to send it to you. lemme know. Happy travels! :)

Don Dee said...

The perfect happy day:

1. Absolutely nothing that needs to get done and nowhere I need to be.

2. Triple-header, that's back-to-back-to-back NBA playoff games on TV. Plus a good fight on another channel I can surf to during commercial breaks.

3. One comfy beanbag chair.

4. One cooler with a case of ice cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen (nothing else will do -- perfect happy day, remember).

5. One whole jumbo Andok's Lechon Manok. No need for knives or fork. To be eaten viking/neanderthal style. Hmmm... add a family-sized pizza there... meat lovers. One jumbo andok's might not last the whole day.

6. Absolutely no texts or calls. GF is out somewhere shopping with her sisters.

7. No uninvited guests. This is ME time.

8. Adult diaper. So I don't even have to get up to pee.

9. I pass out at the end of this perfect day.

10. Oh yeah, hopefully at least one of my teams won. LOL!

-=K=- said...

Belle - yeah please send it in my email -! Thanks alot!

Double D - I super love SMB Pale Pilsen too! Cheers! :D

Micamics said...

keep up the cheerful and uplifted attitude! Miss you dear, I really do. :)