Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have seen a decent improvement in the number of hits since I started this blog December of last year and when I did a historical background of my posts that gathered the most views, I learned that the article was either sex-related or beauty and wellness-related. Because of this, I will start a new segment here where I'll feature products and/or services that I find amazing (or not). 

DISCLAIMER: I will only recommend products/services that I have personally tried/availed to ensure an honest-to-goodness review.

We are vain creatures - men, women, men who want men, women who want women, men who want other men's women... LOL! You get the drift, right? Whether we admit it or not, we are very much particular about our skin and our over-all look.

I am not gifted with good skin.  In fact, I have uneven blotches on some parts of my face. Maybe because of sun exposure (without sunblock) or maybe because of shitty products I've used in the past (goodbye hydroquinone). It's a good thing that there was someone smart and vain enough to invent the concealer! Thank goodness for concealers! LOL! You're a definite lifesaver. Hahaha!

I have recently been introduced to this line of facial product that is not yet officially released in the market. When I learned that this product didn't have hydroquinone, I sort of fell in love with it from the get-go. I started using it just today and I will update you every once in awhile once I see results.

So for the meantime, just sit back, relax and don't forget to put sunblock while you're at it.

The Unpure Guinea Pig,


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