Saturday, June 11, 2011


I work like a horse. I work about 10-12 hours everyday on the average. Sometimes, I don't even take my lunch because there just isn't time to do so. You know how bad the weather has been last week right? Ulan, araw, ulan. My sexy body can only take so much.  Sigh. So those were the prime reasons why I am super sick right now with cough, colds and slight fever.

It's hard to function when you're sick and you're living alone. It's a good thing that I have nice people around me who look after me during times like this.

Adobo is my comfort food. Since I'm trying to avoid beef and pork (as much as possible), the only option left for me is Chicken Adobow! :) Yummmmm!

Isa pa sa mga comfort food ko, Champoradooooo!!!!! I cooked that myself. Instant Champorado mix c/o White King. Hehe. Champorado swimming in evaporated milk is LOVE! :)

My favorite fruit of all time is MANGO! Ripe mangoes. Sabe nila bawal daw kumaen ng mangga kapag may ubo, kaso ndi ko talaga mapigilan eh. Hehe. Sarappppp!

And last but not the least, Vicks Vaporub and White Flower! Amoy lola lang :) Haha! I called for home-service massage last Friday. I had a shiatsu-reflexology massage. Grabe, masakit na masarap!

I'm taking Biogesic and Solmux and I hope to feel their efffect soon!

Achoooo! I haven't watched Hang Over and X-men yet becacuse I've just been resting all weekend. Hay. I hope I feel better soon so I can go out and catch up on these movies.


The Unpure One,


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Get well soon. -ed