Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh No!

My hair's not naturally straight. It's a little bit on the wavy side. If I don't use conditioner and if I don't iron my hair everyday, my mane looks like this --

Last night, when I was about to iron my hair, I noticed that the heating plates weren't generating heat! So bakit pa sya tinawag na heat plate diba? Hehehe. What a bummer! I can live without boy/s but I cannot live without my hair straightening iron!!! Totoo yan, pramissssss! I carry a big bag all the time because I always bring my hair iron wherever I go. Ayoko ng bad-hair-days!

Bwahahahah! Thank goodness naimbento ang hair iron!

Afro chiq! :)

There's this party that I'm supposed to attend tonight but because my hair iron conked out on me, I don't want to go out with a hair that can be mistaken for a broomstick! Heheheheh! So I am just relaxing at home on a rainy Saturday catching up on my reading while eating chips and chocolates! Yehey! :)

Why do my things keep breaking recently? Una, laptop ngayon hair iron. Weird. And oh by the way, I got my laptop from the service center yesterday! And the good news is that they didn't erase my files. Wooopppeeeee!

How about you, what's one (tangible) thing that you cannot live without?

The Unpure One,



Sean said...

pareho tayo ng problema kaya ni-shave ko na siya. ako panyo. kahit pag di mainit ang panahon at di talaga papawisan, mas secure ako na may panyo. nakasanayan lang.

khantotantra said...

ano kaya pag ang buhok mo yung sa 3rd picture... hehehe. umaafro ka K kapag nagkataon na ganun hairstyle mo :D