Friday, June 3, 2011

Beauty or Beast?

We always hear the saying that  “Beauty is more than skin-deep”, right? But why do people go to great lengths to achieve (their own definition of) beauty?

Do you know that back in the olden days, way back when Olay and Pond’s and Maxi-Peel weren’t invented yet (LOL), women use bird poop to make their skin radiant and beautiful! Oh yes, my dear, bird poop as in tae of the flying ibonz! =) Hahaha! Ewwwwwwww!

I really don’t know if they mix it up with something else or they put it right smack in their faces – hot and fresh! Hahaha! (insert puking sound. And when I say puke, I’m referring to the English word “puke” as in to vomit, okay?) Good thing I am not vain. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that. I am vain. But I am not vain vain. Do you get it? LOL =)

Of course I always want to look presentable but not to the extent where I’ll juice up the first bird I see and put its gunk on my face. Geesh! Hahaha!  I am low maintenance. I only put tretinoin, whitening cream, sunblock and Vit.E on my face. And the best part of it is that all these components are combined in one powerful concoction! I love my derma =) She knows how lazy I am so she combined everything in one so isang pahiran nalang! Hahahaha! BRAVO!

And I don’t use foundation on my face. First, it’s sticky and second, it’s expensive. Haha! I just use baby powder to rid my face of excess oil para ndi naman ako mukhang impoverished. LOL! (Side note – pag mahirap daw, ang tawag dukha. Pag sosyalen, impoverished).  Just baby powder and liquid rouge and I am good to go. Because I believe in the saying – “Less is best!”.  (excuse ko lang yun kase kuripot ako to buy expensive make-up!)

How about you, what’s your daily skin regimen?

The Unpure One,



khantotantra said...

wtf, bird poops. ahahaha. pano kaya kung poop ng turkey or ostritch. eeeew. ajajaaj

ako walang nilalagay sa bukha kahit powder. lols

Ryan Adik Nga Lambay said...

That sounds really disgusting, you think so, right? But if the after effect is a more radiant and beautiful skin then why not.

Kahit naman siguro dumi pa ng kalabaw ipahid natin sa mukha natin basta maging kamukha lang tayo ni Kristine hersmosa o sam pinto eh oks na oks ka. Papayag ka talaga.

Ika nga nila, suffer first then later on you'll see sunshine.

Ate, sige tatawagin nalang kitang ate kung okay lang, I added you sa blogroll ko. :)

Don Dee said...

If am not too lazy, I might wash my face with soap and water.Genetic accident has gifted me with good looks. It's a little unfair, I know. But don't hate me for it. Hate the game not the player. lol!

may said...

sis, bili mo ako nung nilalagay mo..maganda yon kumpleto na all-in-1..hehehe:))