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I love surprises. I love the feeling when I’m caught off guard sometimes (SOMETIMES lang ha!). It makes my life interesting, it gives it a little jolt.   But surprises come in different forms. Fortunately (or unfortunately?),  I’ve had my fair share of surprises courtesy of my ex-boyfriends. 


The Good Kind of Surprise


It was one January evening a couple of years back, I was still with “J” back then. Just to give you a background, “J” is mid-thirties, a veterinarian, not artistahin-handsome but definitely easy on the eyes. Okay going back to my story - it was my birthday so we went out to dinner somewhere in Libis. We were having a pleasant time engaging in great conversation over good food when I noticed that “J” was a bit fidgety. Ndi sya mapakali na parang gusto na nyang umuwi. We still had plans after dinner but “J” suddenly suggested that we go straight home afterwards. Medyo na-weirduhan ako but I agreed because I don’t mind spending quality time at home. When I was about to ride his car, he said Pa-bukas naman nung trunk, pakikuha yung gamit ko.”


Hmmmm… Sa isip isip ko Gago to ah, nung una, gusto nang umuwe agad tapos ngayon uutusan pako sa birthday ko!”. HAHAHA! But being the nice and gracious lady that I am (ahem!), I obliged. And when I opened the trunk, a big box was waiting for me. It was something that I was eyeing for for the longest time and I found it sweet that he got it for me on my birthday.


Okay, let’s all say in unison -  Awwwwwwwww. Hahaha!


J” – wherever you are, God bless you!


The Semi-erotic Kind of Surprise


And then there was “S”, Chinese, late-thirties, smart.  He and I got along really well. What I liked about him was that he’s very respectful and gentleman-ly in his ways. Sya yung typical guy who’d open the door for you, mga ganung tipo. He drove me to work everyday. Always made sure that we ate dinner together, no matter how crazy busy our day got.


As a way of thanking him for all the kindness he’s shown me, I planned a nice surprise for him on his birthday. One April a couple of summers ago, I booked a room in a hotel somewhere in the metro. I texted him where I was and asked him to come and meet me.


S” got a nice surprise when he opened the door. Because I was there, in all my naked glory (hahahaha, IM JUST KIDDING), of course I was dressed, hello?!?! There were petals on the floor, and there was a nice table that had been set-up in the corner of the room, thanks to my friends! And there was a lovely dinner with candlelights that have been prepared (thanks to room service, haha!). It was an awesome evening.


S” – I know you read my blog from time to time. Hello! =)


The “It’s-so-bad-I-wana-kill-him” Kind of Surprise


Not too long ago, I fell for someone again. Naks! Kala mo bagets eh no? Hahaha! For the sake of conversation, let’s just name him “Nameless”. LOL! He was funny and kind and he got along well with my friends. We had great moments together. But there was a voice inside me that screamed “it’s too good to be true!!!”.


He’s nice and gentle and he adores me even on days when I don’t feel particularly adorable. Hmmmm, there’s got to be a catch here somewhere, I told myself. And then, I had the biggest surprise of my life when I found out na si kuya pala ay may jowang iba! Holyfreakingmotherofshit! I was half expecting Ashton Kutcher to arrive at my doorstep and say “You’ve been PUNK-d!”. Hahahaha!


I’m hoping (may kasama pang crossing of all my ten fingers on both hands and feet) that this is the 1st and last time I’ll receive this kind of surprise. Hehe. I can laugh about it now but at the time that it was happening, I really felt like I was in love-hell.




If I had to live my life again, I would live it exactly as it is. The good surprises made my life worth-living. And the bad? Hmmm, well, it has helped me realize that there’s so much more to relationships than just love. To make a relationship work, there has to be a great deal of honesty and trust. Looking at it now, it doesn’t seem like such a bad experience after all because I learned. =)


One more day to go and weekend naaaaaaaaaaa! =) I don’t have work this Friday so I might go out and have fun. Who knows what kind of surprise awaits me, right? Hehe.


Are you ready to be surprised?



The Unpure One,









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kay said...

Naloka ako sa entry mo. Hahahaha. Naalala ko yung mga ganyang uri din ng surprises sa buhay ko. Win!