Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One op da boys

I have alot of girlfriends who I talk to endlessly about looovvveeee and life and all that mushy, dramatic stuff. And then I also have guy friends who I talk to about love, sex, kalokohans and all things sappy. (a little bit about love, more about sex, haha!)

In my opinion, guys are more emotional than girls. If you can just hear them when they talk about their heartaches, grabe! Hehe. Mas ma-drama pa sa mga babae. With matching tears and kwento pa yan over bottles and bottles of beer!

When I feel down and troubled about my lovelife, I call my guy friends because they give me rational advice. And they don't sugarcoat! They tell it exactly as it is. I appreciate their honesty and their being able to provide practical insights. Ang lagi nilang advise - "Wag kang tatanga tanga!", hahahaha!

There was one Valentines day when one of my guy friends took me out on a date because I've just gone through a major heartbreak. He didn't want me to be alone on V-day daw. Such a sweetheart, right? :) I like that they treat me like their sister. They laugh with me, they laugh at me. Haha! They have always been there for me. Boyfriends have come and gone but my guy friends are still there. They're like my second-family na. Brothers from another mother. =)

What's best about having guy friends is they do not complain (they do, pero slight lang, haha!)  when I bring them along when I shop. Ang hilig ko pa naman umikot and then I compare prices, hahaha! I'm sure if it were other guys, iniwanan nako sa mall. LOL. I remember one time, I asked one of my guy friends to accompany me because I want to buy crocs. Uso pa crocs nun dati, haha! It took me a long time to decide if I was gonna buy or not kasi syempre kuripot nga ako. And then he said "Ano ba! Kanina pa tayo paikot ikot! If you want cheap crocs, you buy the fake one nalang! Hahahaha". BWAHAHAHAHA! Nairita na sa kakaikot namen, LOL. Para hindi naman sayang yung gas nya at kakaikot namen sa mall, nilibre ko naman sya ng siopao and gulaman because I am sosyal like that. L-O-L!

But aside from all the good things that I mentioned, there's also a bad side to being one of the boys. Kasi ako lagi ang tinutukso nila! Hehehe. Kung maririnig nyo lang kung pano nila ko asarin, grabe! From the guys that I go out with, to how I dress up sometimes, lahat! Lahat napapansin nila. Mga pakialamera! Hehehe.

Lagi nila ko tinutukso pag nagsusuot ako ng tube na blouse.

FRIEND : "Alam mo Khai, iwas-iwasan mo magsusuot ng tube na blouse."
-=K=- : "At bakit, aber?!"
FRIEND : "Kasi kapag may sumilip sa tube mo, makikita nila agad yung tuhod mo!"
-=K=- : "Hahahahahaha, GAGO!"

Hahahaha, ang bait nila diba?

True friends are those that are aware of how stupid you are, have experienced it first hand, and still choose to be seen with you in public.

The Unpure One,



bulakbolero.sg said...

Dun ako natawa sa mas emosyonal pa ang lalake kesa babae. Lol

khantotantra said...

ahahaha. kaya ata mas emosyonal ang lalake kasi minsan lang sila magbuhos ng sama ng loob, pag sobrang bigat na.


Sketchperiments said...

simple lang ang way to our hear -- food and lots of good food

Sean said...

alam mo k? nakakarelate ako dito. lahat kasi ng friends ko, straight. hahaha!

The Gasoline Dude said...

Nyahahaha! Natawa ako sa tuhod!

Andy said...

nyahahahaha sa tuhod.

pero mas emo nga kaming mga boyps kesa sa inyo.