Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning Manila!

I visited my parents last night because I miss them and because it was Father's Day. I am busy with work on weekdays and I have school on Saturdays, so the only time that I can visit them is Sunday/s. It was raining like crazy last night, OA! We were driving along the Timog area and most of the resaturants were full. Ang daming daddies na nasa labas kagabe! Hehe.

My brother's hungry already so we just decided to eat in Hap Chan in West Ave. I didn't take alot of pictures because gutom na ko e, haha! Galit galit muna.

After dinner, I slept at my parents house. I rarely sleep there eversince I moved out. So last night, my dad made lambing to me and asked if I can just spend the night there. So ayun, natulog kame magkatabe. Kyooot! :) I will always be my dad's baby.

I woke up at 6AM this morning because my friend called me up. Magkape daw kame ng six-freaking-AM! Wag na daw ako maligo! Hahahaha! Kadiri diba? :) Pero ayus lang yun, nagtoothbrush naman ako eh, pwede na yun! Hahahaha!

So we're here now in Starbucks.. enjoying what's left of the long week-end.

Cake pops! My peborit!

Ang laki ng sala ko diba? Hahaha, bahay na bahay lang! :)

How about you, what did you guys do over the weekend? Did you go somewhere fun? Share!!!

Let's all have a great week aheaddddddd!

The Unpure One,


4 comments: said...

ang laki ng lolipop mo. kaw na! lol.

Anonymous said...

Wala ka pang 2log nyan? Fresh na fresh ah.

tagal maubos pag ganyan kalaking lollipop!

-ed :)

-=K=- said...

Joel-- haha. Baliw ka talaga! Yun pa talaga napansin mo!

Ed-- hi doc! Musta duty? :)

Sketchperiments said...

sarap ng weekend mo K. kami binaha. bonding with dad and mga utol last father's day morning.