Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Favorite Youtube Video of all Time

When I'm bored, I usually read a book or watch TV series/movies that I've downloaded from Torrent.  Or I go to Youporn Youtube and watch random videos to kill time.

I was bored a few days back and I stumbled upon this piece of gem and I think this will be my favorite Youtube video of all time.

Please watch this video and tell me if you like it too! Hehehehehe!

The Unpure One,


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puss in Boots

**Signs that I’m about to get my period –

1. Crying for no reason at all. I cried yesterday, but those were happy tears. I’m in a good, peaceful state now and I’m happy that I’ve finally gotten my groove back.

2. Reading erotica like there’s no tomorrow. Hehehe. I will explain no further.

3. Cramps. =(

4. Insatiable craving for chocolate!!!! I’ve been eating Twix and Raisinets like crazy! Somebody stop meeeeee!

On a sidenote, I bought a cool pair of rocker-chick shoes last weekend and I decided to wear it to work yesterday (kahit hindi naman sya bagay na pang opisina) to give it enough mileage. Hahaha! Ngayon ko lang narealize na lahat talaga ng first-time MASAKIT! Nyetang yan, ang sakit ng paa ko yesterday pero of course tiniis ko. Ganun talaga minsan, pag walang hirap, walang sarap. Tiis-ganda talaga dapat. Hehehe!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Beeee happy! J

The Unpure One,


**Too much information noh? =P But since this is my blog, wala kayong magagawa. LOL. Mwah!


Thursday, June 23, 2011



I love surprises. I love the feeling when I’m caught off guard sometimes (SOMETIMES lang ha!). It makes my life interesting, it gives it a little jolt.   But surprises come in different forms. Fortunately (or unfortunately?),  I’ve had my fair share of surprises courtesy of my ex-boyfriends. 


The Good Kind of Surprise


It was one January evening a couple of years back, I was still with “J” back then. Just to give you a background, “J” is mid-thirties, a veterinarian, not artistahin-handsome but definitely easy on the eyes. Okay going back to my story - it was my birthday so we went out to dinner somewhere in Libis. We were having a pleasant time engaging in great conversation over good food when I noticed that “J” was a bit fidgety. Ndi sya mapakali na parang gusto na nyang umuwi. We still had plans after dinner but “J” suddenly suggested that we go straight home afterwards. Medyo na-weirduhan ako but I agreed because I don’t mind spending quality time at home. When I was about to ride his car, he said Pa-bukas naman nung trunk, pakikuha yung gamit ko.”


Hmmmm… Sa isip isip ko Gago to ah, nung una, gusto nang umuwe agad tapos ngayon uutusan pako sa birthday ko!”. HAHAHA! But being the nice and gracious lady that I am (ahem!), I obliged. And when I opened the trunk, a big box was waiting for me. It was something that I was eyeing for for the longest time and I found it sweet that he got it for me on my birthday.


Okay, let’s all say in unison -  Awwwwwwwww. Hahaha!


J” – wherever you are, God bless you!


The Semi-erotic Kind of Surprise


And then there was “S”, Chinese, late-thirties, smart.  He and I got along really well. What I liked about him was that he’s very respectful and gentleman-ly in his ways. Sya yung typical guy who’d open the door for you, mga ganung tipo. He drove me to work everyday. Always made sure that we ate dinner together, no matter how crazy busy our day got.


As a way of thanking him for all the kindness he’s shown me, I planned a nice surprise for him on his birthday. One April a couple of summers ago, I booked a room in a hotel somewhere in the metro. I texted him where I was and asked him to come and meet me.


S” got a nice surprise when he opened the door. Because I was there, in all my naked glory (hahahaha, IM JUST KIDDING), of course I was dressed, hello?!?! There were petals on the floor, and there was a nice table that had been set-up in the corner of the room, thanks to my friends! And there was a lovely dinner with candlelights that have been prepared (thanks to room service, haha!). It was an awesome evening.


S” – I know you read my blog from time to time. Hello! =)


The “It’s-so-bad-I-wana-kill-him” Kind of Surprise


Not too long ago, I fell for someone again. Naks! Kala mo bagets eh no? Hahaha! For the sake of conversation, let’s just name him “Nameless”. LOL! He was funny and kind and he got along well with my friends. We had great moments together. But there was a voice inside me that screamed “it’s too good to be true!!!”.


He’s nice and gentle and he adores me even on days when I don’t feel particularly adorable. Hmmmm, there’s got to be a catch here somewhere, I told myself. And then, I had the biggest surprise of my life when I found out na si kuya pala ay may jowang iba! Holyfreakingmotherofshit! I was half expecting Ashton Kutcher to arrive at my doorstep and say “You’ve been PUNK-d!”. Hahahaha!


I’m hoping (may kasama pang crossing of all my ten fingers on both hands and feet) that this is the 1st and last time I’ll receive this kind of surprise. Hehe. I can laugh about it now but at the time that it was happening, I really felt like I was in love-hell.




If I had to live my life again, I would live it exactly as it is. The good surprises made my life worth-living. And the bad? Hmmm, well, it has helped me realize that there’s so much more to relationships than just love. To make a relationship work, there has to be a great deal of honesty and trust. Looking at it now, it doesn’t seem like such a bad experience after all because I learned. =)


One more day to go and weekend naaaaaaaaaaa! =) I don’t have work this Friday so I might go out and have fun. Who knows what kind of surprise awaits me, right? Hehe.


Are you ready to be surprised?



The Unpure One,









Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midnight Snack

I'm a junkfood junkie. In other words, I'm a walking MSG. Haha! I eat chips while I'm surfing the net. Reading a book is more fun when I've a bag of chips within reach. When I feel sleepy at work, I eat chips to keep me awake (best paired with ice-cold Coke or iced tea).

Junkfood is man's greatest creation next to hair-straightening iron and ribbed condoms! Hahaha!

But I know that eating too much junk is harmful to my kidney (or is it liver)? Basta, its bad for the health. So lately, I'm trying my best to cut down on chichirya. Instead of eating potato chips, I eat real potatoes. I experimented in the kitchen recently and I discovered this yummy junkfood alternative.

Buy baby potatoes and young corn and fry them in butter. I really don't know if 'fry' is really the right term for it. Basta ipagulong gulong nyo lang sa pan na may butter until maluto. Then put curry powder, salt, rosemary and basil leaves. Don't overcook it because it tastes better if the veggies are only 3/4 cooked. It's so easy to make. If you want to go healthy all the way, replace the butter with olive oil.

I don't have a picture to post because naubos ko na sya! Next time nalang :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

The Unpure One,


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One op da boys

I have alot of girlfriends who I talk to endlessly about looovvveeee and life and all that mushy, dramatic stuff. And then I also have guy friends who I talk to about love, sex, kalokohans and all things sappy. (a little bit about love, more about sex, haha!)

In my opinion, guys are more emotional than girls. If you can just hear them when they talk about their heartaches, grabe! Hehe. Mas ma-drama pa sa mga babae. With matching tears and kwento pa yan over bottles and bottles of beer!

When I feel down and troubled about my lovelife, I call my guy friends because they give me rational advice. And they don't sugarcoat! They tell it exactly as it is. I appreciate their honesty and their being able to provide practical insights. Ang lagi nilang advise - "Wag kang tatanga tanga!", hahahaha!

There was one Valentines day when one of my guy friends took me out on a date because I've just gone through a major heartbreak. He didn't want me to be alone on V-day daw. Such a sweetheart, right? :) I like that they treat me like their sister. They laugh with me, they laugh at me. Haha! They have always been there for me. Boyfriends have come and gone but my guy friends are still there. They're like my second-family na. Brothers from another mother. =)

What's best about having guy friends is they do not complain (they do, pero slight lang, haha!)  when I bring them along when I shop. Ang hilig ko pa naman umikot and then I compare prices, hahaha! I'm sure if it were other guys, iniwanan nako sa mall. LOL. I remember one time, I asked one of my guy friends to accompany me because I want to buy crocs. Uso pa crocs nun dati, haha! It took me a long time to decide if I was gonna buy or not kasi syempre kuripot nga ako. And then he said "Ano ba! Kanina pa tayo paikot ikot! If you want cheap crocs, you buy the fake one nalang! Hahahaha". BWAHAHAHAHA! Nairita na sa kakaikot namen, LOL. Para hindi naman sayang yung gas nya at kakaikot namen sa mall, nilibre ko naman sya ng siopao and gulaman because I am sosyal like that. L-O-L!

But aside from all the good things that I mentioned, there's also a bad side to being one of the boys. Kasi ako lagi ang tinutukso nila! Hehehe. Kung maririnig nyo lang kung pano nila ko asarin, grabe! From the guys that I go out with, to how I dress up sometimes, lahat! Lahat napapansin nila. Mga pakialamera! Hehehe.

Lagi nila ko tinutukso pag nagsusuot ako ng tube na blouse.

FRIEND : "Alam mo Khai, iwas-iwasan mo magsusuot ng tube na blouse."
-=K=- : "At bakit, aber?!"
FRIEND : "Kasi kapag may sumilip sa tube mo, makikita nila agad yung tuhod mo!"
-=K=- : "Hahahahahaha, GAGO!"

Hahahaha, ang bait nila diba?

True friends are those that are aware of how stupid you are, have experienced it first hand, and still choose to be seen with you in public.

The Unpure One,


Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning Manila!

I visited my parents last night because I miss them and because it was Father's Day. I am busy with work on weekdays and I have school on Saturdays, so the only time that I can visit them is Sunday/s. It was raining like crazy last night, OA! We were driving along the Timog area and most of the resaturants were full. Ang daming daddies na nasa labas kagabe! Hehe.

My brother's hungry already so we just decided to eat in Hap Chan in West Ave. I didn't take alot of pictures because gutom na ko e, haha! Galit galit muna.

After dinner, I slept at my parents house. I rarely sleep there eversince I moved out. So last night, my dad made lambing to me and asked if I can just spend the night there. So ayun, natulog kame magkatabe. Kyooot! :) I will always be my dad's baby.

I woke up at 6AM this morning because my friend called me up. Magkape daw kame ng six-freaking-AM! Wag na daw ako maligo! Hahahaha! Kadiri diba? :) Pero ayus lang yun, nagtoothbrush naman ako eh, pwede na yun! Hahahaha!

So we're here now in Starbucks.. enjoying what's left of the long week-end.

Cake pops! My peborit!

Ang laki ng sala ko diba? Hahaha, bahay na bahay lang! :)

How about you, what did you guys do over the weekend? Did you go somewhere fun? Share!!!

Let's all have a great week aheaddddddd!

The Unpure One,


Monday, June 13, 2011

RUB Ribs and BBQ, Tomas Morato

If you want to rub elbows with one of the tastiest ribs in this side of town, you better head over to RUB Ribs and BBQ. Since I was just home all weekend (well except for the quick dinner I had in Katipunan last Saturday) nursing over my sickness, I felt like I needed to go out and eat something good. And that was exactly what I did this morning.

RUB Ribs and BBQ is a new addition to the rows of restaurant in Morato. It is located at Sct. Rallos, just a couple of tumblings away (haha) from Shakey's. 

The place is not that big but it looks homey and cozy inside. We ate in the 2nd floor which can accomodate about 20-25 people, approximately. (if they're all as slim as me, hahaha!)

We ordered french fries & nachos while we were waiting for our ribs to arrive. I wasn't able to take a decent picture of the fries because I was hungry already, I only remembered to take a photo when it was almost na-dah. Hehe, sorry naman, tao lang. The dip was orgasmic! I forgot what it's called but it was mayo-based with a hint of garlic and everything divine. LOL.

It would've been better if the nachos had a little bit of pork, cheese and veggies sprinkled on top.

See I told you, ubos na  yung fries when I remembered to take a picture! Hahaha!

I don't think I can finish a whole slab so I only ordered half a slab of pork ribs & rice with corn as side dish. My friend ordered the same for himself except that his sidedish was mushroom and spinach.

Masarap sya sabayan ng beer, pramis!

And last but not the least, there were interesting quotes that were on display all over the resto. Naaliw ako basahin sila isa-isa. Below are my favorites --

"When things go wrong, don't go with them!"

Let's all start our week right! Think positive thoughts!!!! (5 days nalang, weekend na naman! Yeheyyyyy!)

The Unpure One,


RUB Ribs & Barbecue
64 Scout Rallos Street
Tomas Morato, Q.C.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I work like a horse. I work about 10-12 hours everyday on the average. Sometimes, I don't even take my lunch because there just isn't time to do so. You know how bad the weather has been last week right? Ulan, araw, ulan. My sexy body can only take so much.  Sigh. So those were the prime reasons why I am super sick right now with cough, colds and slight fever.

It's hard to function when you're sick and you're living alone. It's a good thing that I have nice people around me who look after me during times like this.

Adobo is my comfort food. Since I'm trying to avoid beef and pork (as much as possible), the only option left for me is Chicken Adobow! :) Yummmmm!

Isa pa sa mga comfort food ko, Champoradooooo!!!!! I cooked that myself. Instant Champorado mix c/o White King. Hehe. Champorado swimming in evaporated milk is LOVE! :)

My favorite fruit of all time is MANGO! Ripe mangoes. Sabe nila bawal daw kumaen ng mangga kapag may ubo, kaso ndi ko talaga mapigilan eh. Hehe. Sarappppp!

And last but not the least, Vicks Vaporub and White Flower! Amoy lola lang :) Haha! I called for home-service massage last Friday. I had a shiatsu-reflexology massage. Grabe, masakit na masarap!

I'm taking Biogesic and Solmux and I hope to feel their efffect soon!

Achoooo! I haven't watched Hang Over and X-men yet becacuse I've just been resting all weekend. Hay. I hope I feel better soon so I can go out and catch up on these movies.


The Unpure One,


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sabi nila lahat daw ng bagay sa mundo may kapareha.

Puto't dinuguan,
Tuwalya at kare-kare,
Tokwang binaboy (hehe)

Pero bakit ako nag-iisa?
Where is the kangkong to my bagoong?

Sabi nila lahat daw ng bagay sa mundo may kapareha.

Adam and Eve,
Jack and Jill,
Sam and Piolo (Lol)

Pero bakit ako nag-iisa?
Where is the puto to my kutsinta?

May mga nakikilala ako,
Lumalabas, nakikipagtagpo (ahaha)
Kaen, kape at kwento.

Pero bakit ganun, para nakong naging bato
Puro utak, wala nang puso.

Kelan kaya sya muling titibok?
Kelan kaya sya muling susubok?

Sabi nila lahat ng bagay may kapareha,
So where's the bubuyog to my gumamela?

Monday, June 6, 2011


I've just been sleeping, eating and lying around all day. Tweeting, YM-ing and reading a book in between. I forgot what day it was, but I was a bit emotional last week. I cried for no reason at all. Good thing it only lasted for about an hour or so and then I was back to my normal crazy self. I found it weird because I really didn't have any reason to be sad. And then today, I just got my period. Hahaha, too much information. So that was the culprit. I keep behaving that way every month before the red tide comes.

The week before, I feel sad and depressed and I cannot help but cry. And then a week after, I get my period. Hormones!!!!! Whew. It's hard to be a girl. So anyway, since I'm already in the topic of the red sea, let me share to you a new sanitary napkin that's being introduced in the market.

Sanitary Napkin with healthy far-infrared anion chip

Tarayyyy, may infra-red chip! Pwede kaya mag transfer ng mp3 or pictures pag suot ko yang napkin na yan? Hehehe.

Have a great week everyone!!!!! :)

The Unpure One,


Source [here]

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I slept for 10 hours and woke up this morning with a slight headache. Maybe it's because my body has been accustomed to only 4-5 hours of sleep on weekdays, 7 hours if I get lucky. I am a medicine-maniac - I always resort to taking meds even for slightest signs of discomfort. I know it's bad but I really have low tolerance for pain. Emotional pain, I can take big chunks of but headaches or toothaches are different. Hehe.

My mom always reminds me to never take medicine on an empty stomach. Okay fine. But I don't feel like cooking today. I just feel like vegetating. It's a good thing I bought corn in the market yesterday. Because I'm super lazy to cook, might as well eat this corn. At least I don't have to cook it. Just let it simmer in water with salt and I'm all set.

I finished the entire cob and I downed a mefenamic to get rid of the headache. Well, it didn't entirely disappear but it's not as discomforting as it was earlier this morning. Since I am still on my lazy mode, I had rice and tuna flakes for lunch. (Thank you Century Tuna! Haha)

So now, I am back in my bedroom. I opened my window to let a bit of the sunlight in. I sprayed air freshener to jazz up the scent a little. I'm just in bed, reading a novel. It's quiet and relaxing. I haven't showered yet (hahaha!) and I am still in my usual 'pambahay' garb - a comfy cotton shirt and knickers of the So-en kind. Hahaha!

It's moments like this when I appreciate living alone. I like downtimes like this.

Solitude at its best.

I hope you guys are having a great, relaxing weekend too. But I'm hoping that you're having Sunday meals far more decent than corn and tuna! Hehehehe! :)

The Unpure One,


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh No!

My hair's not naturally straight. It's a little bit on the wavy side. If I don't use conditioner and if I don't iron my hair everyday, my mane looks like this --

Last night, when I was about to iron my hair, I noticed that the heating plates weren't generating heat! So bakit pa sya tinawag na heat plate diba? Hehehe. What a bummer! I can live without boy/s but I cannot live without my hair straightening iron!!! Totoo yan, pramissssss! I carry a big bag all the time because I always bring my hair iron wherever I go. Ayoko ng bad-hair-days!

Bwahahahah! Thank goodness naimbento ang hair iron!

Afro chiq! :)

There's this party that I'm supposed to attend tonight but because my hair iron conked out on me, I don't want to go out with a hair that can be mistaken for a broomstick! Heheheheh! So I am just relaxing at home on a rainy Saturday catching up on my reading while eating chips and chocolates! Yehey! :)

Why do my things keep breaking recently? Una, laptop ngayon hair iron. Weird. And oh by the way, I got my laptop from the service center yesterday! And the good news is that they didn't erase my files. Wooopppeeeee!

How about you, what's one (tangible) thing that you cannot live without?

The Unpure One,


Friday, June 3, 2011

Beauty or Beast?

We always hear the saying that  “Beauty is more than skin-deep”, right? But why do people go to great lengths to achieve (their own definition of) beauty?

Do you know that back in the olden days, way back when Olay and Pond’s and Maxi-Peel weren’t invented yet (LOL), women use bird poop to make their skin radiant and beautiful! Oh yes, my dear, bird poop as in tae of the flying ibonz! =) Hahaha! Ewwwwwwww!

I really don’t know if they mix it up with something else or they put it right smack in their faces – hot and fresh! Hahaha! (insert puking sound. And when I say puke, I’m referring to the English word “puke” as in to vomit, okay?) Good thing I am not vain. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that. I am vain. But I am not vain vain. Do you get it? LOL =)

Of course I always want to look presentable but not to the extent where I’ll juice up the first bird I see and put its gunk on my face. Geesh! Hahaha!  I am low maintenance. I only put tretinoin, whitening cream, sunblock and Vit.E on my face. And the best part of it is that all these components are combined in one powerful concoction! I love my derma =) She knows how lazy I am so she combined everything in one so isang pahiran nalang! Hahahaha! BRAVO!

And I don’t use foundation on my face. First, it’s sticky and second, it’s expensive. Haha! I just use baby powder to rid my face of excess oil para ndi naman ako mukhang impoverished. LOL! (Side note – pag mahirap daw, ang tawag dukha. Pag sosyalen, impoverished).  Just baby powder and liquid rouge and I am good to go. Because I believe in the saying – “Less is best!”.  (excuse ko lang yun kase kuripot ako to buy expensive make-up!)

How about you, what’s your daily skin regimen?

The Unpure One,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Live Life!

1. As we grow older, some of us get lost in the monotony of life. We tend to lose our playful side as we become more focused on the serious stuff of everyday living. But you know what, it's okay to act goofy sometimes. (READ: Sometimes lang). Stop obsessing about what others will think, just let it go. Do random, crazy stuff every once in awhile.

2. Love your parents. No matter how busy you get, take time out to visit your oldies. They've worked hard to feed you and put you through school. The best kind of payback you can give them is to make them feel that you love and honor them.

3. You are never too old to get back in school. You are never too old to learn new things. Read books. Watch sensible shows on TV. Always have a thirst for knowledge. You'll never know when those little tidbits might come in handy. (Watch porn & read smut too coz you wouldn't know when you need to pull off a trick or two, hahaha.)


4. Learn to explore. There's a big world out there that's waiting for you. Get lost in a place you've never been to. Hop on a plane and get ready to rumble. Hehehe! :)

5. Be bold and feisty. Be comfortable with who you are. Always remember that confidence is sexy!

It's two more days till the week comes to a close. I cunt wait! Haha!

It's been a month since I sent my laptop for repair. Until now wala pa din. Aguy! Sony, pakibilisan namannnn!

The Unpure One,